10 Popular Tourist Destinations in Turkey

Tucked with one wing in the Middle East in Asia and the other wing in the West in Europe, Turkey lies in a transition where distinct cultures and traditions emerge to form a beautiful blend of customs and cultures. With cities entrenched in deep history and its coastal line lined with beautiful beaches and enchanting desert landscapes, together with architecturally, beautifully filled skyline to majestic and mystic mountains as well as amazing lakes and oasis not to mention numerous breathtaking ruins, theaters, monuments, museums and various parks that will literally blow your mind away.

Turkey is truly a beautiful place with so much to offer and indeed a perfect gate away destination that any passionate tourist and any enthusiastic traveler should never miss to visit. As a matter of fact, the moments you secure Turkey visa so as to travel to this amazing nation.

10 Best Tourist Destinations in Turkey that Should Definitely be Your Mind Include Places such as:

Hagia Sophia

Actually this is considered the most famous attraction in Turkey. Built in the 6th century AD by Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The building was then converted to a mosque and today the place operates as a mosque. Actually it is characterized with a beautiful architecture together with a beautiful mix of Muslim adornment.

Cappadocia Underground Cities

This is indeed one of the most amazing and intriguing landscape and structure in Turkey. Known to have been built over a period spanning over 100 years. This site consists of complexes and underground rooms, many which are now open to the public. It comprises of cities such as the Kiymakli, Ozkanak, and Mazi to Derinkuyu.

Top Kapi Palace

This is a UNESCO heritage site set up in the 15th century as the residence of Sultan of Ottomans. This location in Istanbul is that large and huge and is characterized with an ornate palatial space, courtyards and famous Muslim and Christian relics. It was the center stage of Istanbul’s political and social life.

Basilica Cistern

This is one hidden germ that is often overlooked by a number of tourists. This is an ancient underground marvel and one of the Istanbul’s best Byzantine sites. This former and ancient water storage chamber comprises of imposing columns to ornate carvings of the ancient gods as well as vaulted ceilings. This is truly one of the most astonishing historical sites on the planet.


This is basically Turkey’s most famous tourist attraction. This was a legendary city that is characterized with narrow streets, theaters and homes from the ancient times. Activities such as Homer’s ancient yarns to Hollywood styling.

Bodrum Castle

This place situated in the city of Bodrum in the south west of Turkey. This place was put up by the crusaders in the 15th century as the castle of St. Peter. Basically this is one of the best preserved monuments that dates back the medieval times. Currently this castle serves as a museum and with a focus to set up also an underwater museum in it, since it overlooks the internal marina of Bodrum filled with very expensive sailing crafts.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

It was built by young Sultan Ahmed around 1609 and 1616. This mosque was built to rival its neighboring mosque the Nagai Sophia. Its towering domes defines the beautiful Istanbul skyline, while its interior is made of swathes of about 20.000 blue tiles to give a very magnificent appearance and is of course what gives it that name. Plus this mosque contains the tomb of its founder.

Aspendos Roman Theater

This location boasts as one of the best preserved ancient theaters of antiquity. It was built in the 155 AD during the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and with a capacity of about 15,000 to 20,000 spectators. This theater was used as caravanserai a roadside inn in Seljuk times. It was continuously repaired and maintained and thus has survived for the longest period imaginable. This remains a very popular tourist destination


A popular tourist destination in the west coast as ruins Ephesus near the modern Selcuk. It was built around 125AD to store scrolls as well as to serve as a monumental tomb for Celsus. This place contains some of the most preserved Roman and Greek architectures and information. It currently remains a well-trodden part of the tourist trail and is situated nearby resorts such as the Kusadasi and the Izmir. Basically some of the most phenomenon attractions in this area comprises of the Library of Celsus and the temple of Hadrian as well as the ancient theaters.


Pamukkale meaning the cotton castle is basically a very unique and unreal landscape. It is famous for its white terraces that are made of the travine, a sedimentary rock which has been deposited by water and mineral content from springs.

Actually people have bathed in this pool since the historical times. As a matter of fact, the ancient Greek city, Hierapolis was actually built on top of a hot spring by King Pergamon as evidenced with the ruins that have been found here. Therefore, if you are a tourist and desires to explore some of the most magnificent places in this world, then you better seek for a Turkey visa and head to this beautiful nation so as to explore some of the most beautiful and amazing sights ever.