3 Benefits of Turnkey Solutions for Food Manufacturing Industry

The term “turnkey solutions” is a concept every business owner has heard of, if not employed, in their business enterprise. With the deluge of companies offering turnkey services that promise to serve end-to-end business needs for every industry, it can be overwhelming to decide which service provider should be entrusted with an ambitious project costing millions of dollars.

The food processing industry in the United States has seen a rise in turnkey systems providers with proven design-build capabilities starting from design, site selection, construction, equipment installation to ongoing maintenance—literally giving business owners the “key” to having a new facility up and running minus the stresses of setting one up from scratch.

Why Turnkey Solutions?

Let’s look at the three major advantages of opting for a turnkey services provider specializing in food manufacturing, food processing and cold storage industries.

Hassle-free Project Management

Employing a turnkey design-build solutions company allows food processing and distribution companies to access the best in technology and automation at competitive pricing. From site selection to design to construction, turnkey solutions take care of every need of a new project, leaving you, the owner, with time and resources to devote to the operational aspects of the project.

Cost Savings

An experienced turnkey services provider has industry relationships that get you the best deals on all aspects of the project—designers, planners, manpower, construction materials, equipment, and so on—thus saving you thousands of dollars in overall project costs.

Additionally, seasoned turnkey solutions companies are on top of the game when it comes to the latest technological know-how, thus ensuring the facility is equipped with the latest up-to-date systems and automation solutions best suited for the specific needs of your food business.

Hiring a turnkey design-and-build project management company offers you the convenience of having all your project requirements met at a one-stop-shop where all you need to do is “turn the key” and let industry experts take care of the challenges of execution.

Custom-made Design, Planning and Construction

A common misconception among businesses is that employing turnkey solutions is like buying a readymade, inflexible service that may or may not suit their exact requirements. To the contrary, niche turnkey systems providers that know what they are doing offer a winning combination of ready-to-use systems and equipment and tailor-made project management solutions fine-tuned to your specifications.

A fitting example is that of primusbuilders.com, a leading design and construction services provider to the cold storage, food processing and food manufacturing industries. The company’s impressive portfolio boasts of some of the top names in the said industries.

Moreover, several well-known turnkey solutions providers now offer comprehensive services that go far beyond building and setting up a facility for you. After-sales support, employee training, operational assistance, regular maintenance and upgradation now form part of many a turnkey packages, to ensure the system swiftly reaches the efficiency it was designed to achieve.

To sum up, the global cold storage market is exploding, and it’s a good time to explore solutions that offer end-to-end support that serves all your requirements before, during and after the project is up and running.