4 Reasons Why Titanium Wedding Rings Have Become an Indispensable Choice

Twenty years ago, titanium had been used only in aviation, medicine, and manufacturing and the use of titanium for rings and jewelries was obscure for the most part. Today, titanium wedding rings and bands are the most popular sellers in the jewelry industry. Such is its popularity that couples ignore precious metals like gold, platinum and often end up with a titanium wedding ring.

Mentioned below are few reasons why titanium jewelries are so popular.

Hypoallergenic Properties:

There are people, who have had bad experience of buying metal watches, rings, bands and other ornaments and suffering from allergic reaction. Any impure metal ornaments may cause allergic reactions with human skin. However, titanium is inert and as a result, they will never react with human tissue. In fact, there are instances where titanium is used for hip transplants because of its high strength and non-reactive properties.

Easily Affordable:

Gold and platinum rings are always highly expensive. A basic platinum wedding band will cost around $2000 and gold wedding band can be equally or more expensive. Titanium, however, is not that expensive. It has not seen such gigantic rises in cost over the years. Titanium wedding rings are easily affordable. You can even get a handcrafted titanium ornament in about half of the price of gold and platinum.

Highly Powerful and Durable:

As far as the wedding rings are concerned, titanium is an extremely durable material. It is very powerful and often used for airplane and submarine components. Such is its strength that is not going to ding or dent like gold. Scratching is nearly impossible for a titanium wedding ring. Another important reason why titanium is so popular is that it won’t react with sea water. As a result, you can wear a titanium ring day in and day out without worrying about the damage of the ring. A properly built titanium ring will surely last a lifetime.

Many Design Choices are available:

Modern people are after the latest fashion trends, designs, and style. Many couples getting married these days are not willing to wear the same gold or platinum wedding ring that their father, grandfather uncles, friends, relatives had. For some wedding ring buyers, gold wedding rings are just out of fashion, or too traditional and boring. Titanium wedding rings , unlike gold, allow for some of the best and unique ring design ideas. Today, it is easily possible for the wedding ring buyers to find a titanium ring with gold inlays. Titanium rings are also being made with the latest design with an opal, Koa wood, or Tiger’s Eye inlay. These types of rings with inlays are widely popular among the wedding ring buyers since they are available in many designs and styles. Titanium wedding rings are stylish, unique, and offer a better reflection of the wearer’s personality than the traditional pale gold wedding rings.

Titanium wedding rings are in the market for the last twenty years and have been popular for a number of factors. The abovementioned factors have made titanium wedding rings a must choice for those seeking a wedding ring.