5 reasons why Custom WordPress theme is preferred

custom-wordpress-themeThese days, statistics has shown that WordPress is powering a a greater portion of World Wide Web. Really, it has become one of the best platforms for developing outstanding websites. WordPress as an efficient Content Management System has taken good care of the fundamental groundwork that web developers encounter in creating a high quality and effective website. That is not all; WordPress has a superb interface for user administrations and also an excellent interface for adding contents. It is not exaggeration to say that WordPress is now the king of all Custom Management System Software. With these excellent and easy to manage interface, developers and users were able to manage the appearance of their website/blog. Interestingly, not minding the ready-made themes, some WordPress lovers have opted for custom WordPress themes, plugins etc which are developed with advanced features and superior level of customization.

5 reasons why custom WordPress theme is preferred

#No. 1 – It is easily adjustable

In WordPress, content, theme and plugins are individual components, so it will never cause an issue if you change one website feature will not cause any problem for other elements of the site. Therefore, with a customized WordPress theme, you can really change or modify the look and feel of your website, without bringing in any new changes into the website’s content and its basic functionality.

#No. 2 – Instantly looks great

WordPress takes care of your website content; so you are left with quality time for developing and designing your original theme. Using a customized WordPress theme helps you to get more out of your site design than you have ever thought possible. The excellent looks of a tailor-made WordPress theme is best part of it which suit you and visitor’s preferences.

# No.3 – It gives you an access to advanced content layout options

Many customized WordPress themes come with a set lot of shortcodes that can be successfully and effectively used for creating slides,  site buttons, interactive content, and many more. You as a WordPress website owner, you can then take full advantage of those advanced content layouts, without having any need to learn hard programming languages.

# No. 4 – Availability of Free Widgets to use

Customized WordPress theme comes with so many free widgets available which in turn will make a room for an efficient site performance. These customized widgets works great for both the customers as well as the designers. The web designers get to put together innovative website features to their theme, customers can then receive an excellent and efficient user experience with those easy-to-use widgets. Moreover, customized WordPress themes come with many options for inserting widgets. You can either decide to insert the widgets from header or insert on the website footer as well as the site sidebars.

#No. 5 – Customized WordPress theme is very high on search engine friendliness

When you compare customized WordPress theme to a ready-made WordPress theme, Customized WordPress theme will score higher on the search engine visibility scale because it is built separately. This is a value added advantage for WordPress users who worries about optimizing their website or blog for the search engines visibility. The All in One SEO Pack plugin that is available in the WordPress factory helps the content of every WordPress website extremely indexable in the top search engines; thereby add to the overall visibility of the site.

With these reasons you can agree with me that custom WordPress development is the key for your website to make sustainable impact in terms of user friendly experience. So choosing a custom WordPress theme is a good idea, it is now up to you whether you want to remain trapped to your traditional theme or upgrade to a customized theme. I am convinced that your urge to stand out in your online niche will prompt or tempt you to go for a custom WordPress theme or plugin.

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