5 Tips For Buying Waterfront Property

When looking for a home, many people specifically search for waterfront properties. The idea of living near a large lake, surrounded by trees and fresh air is something that will interest most people looking to lead a simple, clean life. And if you too are searching for a waterfront property, then these buying tips will help you zero in on a good one.

Check The Water Body

The first thing to check is the water body and look at how it is affecting the home. If the water is constantly coming into contact with any part of the home, say the basement, there is a good chance that the section will eventually suffer from corrosion because of the saltiness of the water. There will also be issues of mold since the moisture in the atmosphere will be on the higher side. So, confirm that the property is free of any such potential hazards and make sure that you double check all documents like water quality tests, elevation certificates, etc. before buying a waterfront property.

Walk Around

Walk around the property for a few hours. This will give you a good enough idea of how living near the specific waterbody will be like. You will also be able to identify the negatives, if any, and check whether they can be countered or not. Plus, you should easily be able to access the water whenever required. If you have a tough time getting to the lake, then buying that specific waterfront property is not desirable.

Beware Of Hidden Costs

While homes generally do have some hidden costs, waterfront properties especially tend to have even more. For example, you will have to bear a higher expense for water and sewer on a waterfront property than one in the heart of the city. Similarly, if you are planning to use a boat, you may also have to cough up extra money for docking and lift fees.

Hire Specialist Agents

Make sure that you hire a real estate agent who specializes in waterfront properties. Only such agents will have the complete know-how of such properties, thereby ensuring that you get the best waterfront property you can afford. Yes, you can hire a regular agent who deals in all types of homes. However, real estate agents like Top Guns Realty will always have an edge over them when it comes to finding top-notch waterfront properties since they have been doing it for several years already.

Check Shoreline History

Finally, be sure to check the history of the shoreline thoroughly before buying a waterfront home. You have to realize that when water constantly mixes with the dirt, it might end up gobbling up a good part of the shoreline. As a result, you will lose a chunk of land area, which will mean that you can only sell it for less when the time comes. And if the water recedes or moves away, you may have to walk a long way to get to the lake. So, check the shoreline history and make sure there are not too many incidents of this nature.