5 Ways to Maximise Space for Modular Kitchens

Well designed and placed kitchen creates an illusion of space even in the smallest of the areas. You can have a well accessible kitchen with enough space to keep your daily food materials if the organization is done well. This is where Modular Kitchens come into picture,

Modular Kitchens are the most preferred choice these days whether in small or in big houses. One of the major reasons being that they help your kitchen look sleek and keeps it well organized. There are various kinds of Modular Kitchens which help in maximizing space.

What are the kinds of Modular Kitchens available?

Based on the area allocated for your kitchen, there are different kinds of designs which will contribute to your kitchen to increase space. There is this Island Kitchen, then a corner or an L shaped Kitchen, U-shaped modular kitchen designs or a Gallery Kitchen.

How do they help in saving space?

  1. For L-Shaped Kitchen: Let’s say, you have an L-shaped kitchen in your house, and this shaped kitchen is also known to be the most space-saving and easily accessible. You can place your stove in the corner and have the wash basin on one side and the continuous platform on the other. That way you can access both the places with convenience. There are various shelves that are created to store your groceries. Like in the L-shaped kitchen, you can have a dustbin stand on the corner door and also have shelves inside, made to keep to cleaning supplies.

  2. For Open Kitchen: If you have assigned ample space or desire to have an open kitchen, you might as well try the Modular Island Kitchen. In fact, Modular Island Kitchen has created quite a rage. What is the best about this kitchen is that you have a platform in between of your kitchen, which serves as a morning breakfast table, or a place to chop your raw materials for the day, or simply for the extra storage that comes along with it. This way, it helps you miss out on a dining table, as the countertop in between serves as one.

  3. Organizing Better: Moreover, the modular kitchen set ups come with organized space for all the requirements of a kitchen. Instead of keeping your micro-oven on the counter, your modular kitchen normally comes with space allocated for it. So, you have extra space on your counter to work on

  4. Big Equipment like Dishwasher: Another major appliance is your Dishwasher. They ideally take up a lot of space in your service balcony or are placed awkwardly in your kitchen. In most of the Modular Island Kitchen in India, you will find that the dishwasher is tucked below the countertop in between along with the wash basin by its side. So, in a way, it saves space and does not compromise in the look of the kitchen.

  1. For U-Shaped Kitchen: If your kitchen is U-shaped then, you can go ahead with the U-shaped Modular Kitchen. There is a plethora of U-shaped modular kitchen designs available. The best part about this kitchen is that there is a plethora of space to move around in without and hindrance.

Try out a modular kitchen at your place, and you won’t be disappointed with the amount of extra space it gives! Happy Cooking!

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