6 Common Causes of Acne and Blemishes

Acne. The word alone can send shivers down anyone’s spine. We all have tricks and solutions to try to get rid of it but for some reason, it never seems to fully go away. From shampoos and skin care, to even essential oils on the skin — all of these tactics can seem ineffective when it comes to acne and blemishes. So, how does one get rid of acne? To start, stop thinking about the remedies, and start focusing on the cause. There are so many different causes of acne that when combined with ones hormones, can cause a whirlwind of disaster.

Here are some of the most common causes resulting in acne.


Throughout the day, everyone is ultimately prone to use their hands. It is simply human nature to do so. This problem can often fix itself by merely cleaning one’s hands. Take, for example, a delicious slice of pizza. How can one resist? Well, that pizza has a lot of grease that gets transported to the hands and fingers really easily. What happens when someone gets hair in their face? They tend to move it out of the way. Combining the grease on one’s fingers while moving the hair away can cause one to touch their face. This small action can cause a blemish. It is important that one pays attention to their touch.


Believe it or not, but hair can be a big cause in the development of blemishes. A young adult can get a blemish on their forehead. Their first instinct will be to cover it up or hide it. What is the best way to do that? One might think with hair. Well, this causes the skin on one’s forehead to not breath naturally. This is where the catch 22 cycle starts. The hair will then cause more acne to develop, thus forcing the young adult to keep their hair down on their forehead. This is one of the most common routes to developing severe acne. It is always important to let an area of blemishes breathe. Also, It is important to assess the kinds of shampoo one may use.


A diet can make or break a blemish attack. The worst part is, people may not realize what food can be causing the acne due to the time frame that it takes the acne to show up. One should keep a daily food journal to keep track of the foods they eat. This will help sort out what may or may not be causing blemishes. It is also important to note a potential food allergy. These foods can be milk, dairy, iodine, gluten, biotin, sugar, soy, etc. It may help someone to lay off any greasy food as well.

Poor Exercise

Getting blood pumping can be one of the more proactive ways to combat acne. However, it is a two way street, and not exercising can really cause acne. It is important for one to take 30 minutes a day and get their heart pumping. A light jog can do the trick. However, keep in mind that building muscle can also be a cause of acne, therefore, it is important for a person to assess their workout and keep them in line with their goals.


Poor hygiene is a one trip ticket straight to acne-ville. It is imperative for one to keep up on their daily cleanliness. The buildup of dirt and grease can clog pores, which we all know what happens after that. One could start by getting a nice facial and body scrub. This also ties into washing hands as often as possible. This will get rid of that grease build up from that pizza earlier and keep one safe from their own touch. Also, keep in mind that people are always shedding dead skin cells, and if those dead skin cells create blockage on ones skin, they are in for some blemishes.


Sometimes, genetics can give all of your efforts a big slap in the face. One should consult their parents and ask how their skin history was, if possible. This will help someone get a ballpark estimate of what they are dealing with. No matter, it is still important to take all necessary precautions to keep one from getting more acne. As stated prior, all of these causes mixing together is a head-on collision with a truckload of acne, especially if it runs in one’s family.


For those that are young, their hormones can be just developing and figuring out how to regulate themselves. Other causes can be bacteria, cosmetic products, poor cell turnover rate, underlying health problems, stress, lack of sleep, etc. Sometimes it seems like anything can give us acne. In most cases, it goes away with age. But sometimes, more serious prescription acne medications are needed to do the job. If your breakouts are persistent and affecting your self-confidence, talk to your doctor or a dermatologist today about possible underlying causes or to ask if stronger creams and washes are needed.