6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hoverboard Clean

If you are among the ones with a recent acquisition of your favorite thrill toy, the hoverboard and a sudden interest to know all about it, but have no clue where to begin from welcome to our page. We will, through our researched and experienced articles take you on a guided tour from learning the scratch of how to balance on a hoverboard to the super cool tricks required for a fun filled hoverboarding experience.

But wait. Before you start practicing on your hoverboard, you need to know the tricks to maintain one. You need to have the knowledge how to clean it without damaging the parts and yet keep it away from the clutches of dirt slowing down its performance. Here’s how that ought to be done.

  1. Efficiently Charging the Battery

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before tackling with a hoverboard is that it needs to be fully charged before you put down to use it. You cannot practice on it while it is dead which will help prevent damage to the machine. Even if the machine is new, the battery is sure to have lost some charge while it was being assembled and hence you need to charge it fully before you start using it. After use also, charge it and keep it ready for your next use. Do not leave your machine for charging overnight as that will affect the longevity of the machine. Take it off the plus immediately after it reaches its fully charged state. While charging the battery, make sure you are not doing it in a region that is susceptible to high temperatures or storing the battery itself in a hot area. Cool regions help increase lifespan of your battery. To learn more about the science behind hoverboards, visit http://theelectricwheels.com/ now.

  1. Ensure All the Parts Are in Place and Are Intact

It is but natural that with prolonged and extensive usage of the machine, its associated parts may become loose or damaged. The screws may get worn off and be on the verge of falling due to constant shakes suffered by the hoverboard, or the wheel shafts might get teared down. If anything is seen to be loose, or out of place fix it right away instead of waiting for it to worsen. The best way to carry about this step is to hold it in your hand and shake the hoverboard lightly before placing it on the ground. While shaking make sure that only the wheels are allowed to move. The shaft or the screws should be still. This should be done once every 2 weeks.

  1. Do Not Use Water

Although keeping the hoverboard spic and span away from the clutches of grime is extremely essential for hygienic reasons, there are restrictions to it. Because of the electronic components inside the hoverboard and thus its sensitivity, never make use of water spraying jets or air spraying jets to clean dirt. It might permanently damage your equipment and rob it off its functionality. Steaming at first sounds like a viable option but you have to remember that your hoverboard is susceptible to corrosion and you have to avoid that by all means for increased lifespan of your machine. The most affordable way is to remove all dirt by one swipe of a soft dry cloth. And for safety purposes, always remind yourself to switch off the power before beginning your cleaning process.

  1. Focus on Wheels

After you have cleaned your hoverboard’s board and maintained its built-in battery pack, always check to know whether your hoverboard’s wheels are in excellent state or not. Check for weariness of tires, equal balance, any strange squeaking noises. Inspect with a comb if necessary. If you perceive any leaks or signs of serious wear and tear, contact an authorized mechanic or the manufacturer’s sales department (if still under warranty). You should also remove all pebbles and debris stuck on its tires and lubricate joints.

  1. Inspection of Wires

A wire inside the machine may get loosened with wear and tear. If your machine ceases to work, first proceed to check if the internal wires are intact and tight. You can carry on with basic fixing but if you can’t seem to comprehend what’s going on inside, leave it to be seen by an authorized mechanic. If you choose to look into the wires yourself, make sure to turn off power and remove battery.

  1. Repeat the Above 5 Steps Periodically

The most important thing to note here is you cannot leave these precautionary steps for months after one attempt. You need to periodically keep checking your machine and make sure you keep in check all the above-mentioned points once every 2 weeks and only then begin riding your hoverboard.