7 Major Benefits for Affected Person of Vehicle Accident

Do you know your options when you get injured in a road accident? What would you do if you have committed and the fault wasn’t yours? How would you save yourself if it has happened because of your fault? This post will shed light on issues related to motor vehicle accident.

First of all, you have to consult the local traffic ticket service to protect your rights. In fact, you can fight traffic ticket Mississauga with professional assistance. Here are major reasons why you need Mississauga traffic ticket service in case of car accident.

Injury Claims

You can get free consultation to learn about injury claims, and hire experienced services to obtain large settlements. Some services can even go as far as not taking any charges until you get what’s promised by them.

Here are few steps you need to take if you’ve been there on the scene.

  • Call 911 for help
  • Wait for the police officer to arrive and only talk to him regarding the situation.
  • Review the first hand report prepared by the officer and make sure every information is written accurately.

Statutory Accident Benefits

Auto insurance policy covers statutory accident benefits and it is mandatory in Ontario. The compensation is standard among all insurance companies. According to the law, statutory accident benefits will be provided to the affected person or his family, irrespective of the fault. If you suffer an injury as a driver, passenger or pedestrian you will be entitled for compensation.

The accident benefit package includes the following forms:

  • Application for the benefits – this form is also known as OFC – 1
  • Confirmation of Income from employer – OCF 2
  • Disability Certificate – OCF 3
  • Permission to disclose information related to your health – OFC 5
  • Confirmation of treatment – OFC 23

Following benefits may be provided to the affected person in car accident:

  1. Income replacement: For any loss of income and medical expenses caused by a car accident, you will get substantial compensation. You may either receive 70% of your income or maximum $400 per week.
  1. Caregiver: If the vehicle accident affected you so badly that you cannot support your family as a caregiver, your expenses will be covered under this particular benefit.
  1. Non-earner: If the accident is of critical nature preventing you from continuing a normal life, you will receive non-earner benefit for the entire life. However, you will not fall under the category of income replacement or caregiver.
  1. Medical and Rehabilitation: For minor injuries, the medical/rehabilitation expenses will be covered up to $3500. For severe injuries, you will be compensated up to $50,000.
  1. Attendant care: If you need an attendant or aide, you will receive compensation to pay your dues in this regard.
  1. Death benefits: In case of death, the family members of the affected will receive death benefit.
  1. Funeral expenses: In case of death due to car accident, the funeral expenses will be borne by insurance company.

There are other types of expenses, each with certain procedures and documentation. To avail these benefits, you have to consult Mississauga traffic ticket service and get maximum benefits.