7 Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer

As a dog owner, you will want your dear pet to live with you as long as possible. But life, unfortunately, can be very cruel and may take your dog away from you through diseases, accidents, and so on. However, this does not mean that you develop a nihilist attitude and give up on taking proper care of your pet. Below, we list out seven things you can do to help your dog live longer.

  1. Manage Their Weight

Just as being overweight is bad for human beings, the same is with dogs. It has been observed that obesity is one of the biggest reasons for many health conditions in dogs and it can easily reduce the lifespan of your pet by many years.  Dogs tend to suffer from many medical complications like diabetes, heart problems, joint diseases, and so on as a result of obesity. And this is why you must be very watchful of your dog’s weight. As far as possible, ensure that your dogs are lean and their weight is within the limits prescribed the doctor.

  1. Provide Healthy Diet

Never feed your dog with whatever you get your hands on. Unhealthy dietary habits may cause many medical problems for your pet. In fact, regular consumption of human foods can put dogs at the risk of severe nutritional deprivation. As such, you should always ensure that your pet is provided with a healthy diet that has been specifically developed and approved for dogs. And even though it is okay to provide your pet with store-bought dog food, it is better if you keep it to a minimum. Instead, focus on feeding food that has been prepared at home.

  1. Take Them To The Vet Regularly

Your dog needs to get regularly checked by a professional vet who has the necessary qualification to inspect the dog and identify any potential medical conditions. This will allow the vets to give you tips on how to prevent such conditions from worsening. Without a regular checkup, you will never know whether your dog is medically fit or not. As such, your pet might be suffering from serious medical issues which can cut short their life by several years.

  1. Consider The Weather

When taking care of your dog, be sure to take the weather into consideration. For example, you should try to cut down the food provided to your dogs during winter since they will probably not be having any physical activity because of the cold weather outside. In all likelihood, they will laze around inside the house. And if you feed them the exact diet you gave during summer, your dog can become overweight by a few pounds by the time summer arrives. And dear Dog Owners – Be Extra Cautious of These Issues This Summer.

  1. Clean Their Surroundings

Many dog owners very rarely clean the surroundings of their dog. And when they do, they only clean it once every few months. This is not at all a good way to take care of your dog. Living in dirty surroundings can infect your dog with various parasites. As a result, your dog can develop some serious medical issues and even face an early death. So, remember to clean their surroundings every week. And once a month, do a thorough cleaning to get rid of every polluting item around your dog’s surroundings.

  1. Make Them Do Regular Exercise

Your dog will also need regular exercise to remain fit. A dog that remains inactive will eventually gain extra weight which will negatively affect their health. By indulging your pet in various physical activities, you keep their muscle stimulated every day. As such, they are less likely to gain weight. If you have trouble coming up with a good physical activity for your dog, then check out the internet for suggestions. You will surely find special dog exercises that are aimed at training and strengthening every part of the dog’s body.

  1. Stimulate Their Minds

While physical activity is crucial for a long life, so is a strong mind. And unfortunately, this is something most dog owners tend to overlook. Dogs can also develop mental conditions like loss of memory, extreme anxiety, reduced attention to surroundings, etc. as they age. This is why it is important to keep their mind stimulated. And the best way to do so is to play games that involve a lot of mental activity. For example, you can set up a game where dogs have to solve a puzzle to find their treat. Such puzzle-based games are good at stimulating mental activity and will greatly help your dog live longer in a healthy manner.