8 Pro Tips To Succeed As SEO Account Manager

We shifted our focus to SEO account management and bring to you 8 tips to become a successful SEO account manager. This information will certainly help you improve your account management skills.

Account management is demanding job and requires a skillful person for the job. Every person has their own methodology which they consider as their mantra for successful account management. So we bring to you the perspective from some of the top SEO companies in Canada to help you strategize your own successful account management schemes.

  1. Enhance your Skills and Knowledge

The changes in the modern industry are constant and abrupt. Therefore, to keep up with the latest trends and to stay at the top SEO account managers need to be well equipped with the knowledge about such developments. One good practice is to bookmark some of the leading blogs such as Marketo, Quicksprout, Hubspot and Moz, and take out time to read daily Bookmark leading blogs like Moz, Quicksprout, Hubspot, and Marketo, and set aside time to read from them on daily basis. Attending workshops and training sessions with your colleagues and expanding your social circle will help you with valuable knowledge exchange.

  1. Client Management

It is one of the more difficult aspects of SEO account management. Client expectations can be hard to meet. Therefore, it is a good idea to set practical and realistic goals right from the start. A good practice is to keep referring to these goals in your meetings so that things remain clear between the two parties throughout the contract.

  1. Be Organized

Make sure to use the most suitable tools according to your client’s expectations. It is a good practice to test different project management software so that you can use the most relevant one at the time of need. Tools such as SEMrush, Basecamp and Smart Sheet are commonly used by some of the leading SEO companies Canada.

  1. Keep Communicating

You need to keep in contact with your client all the time. Make sure you listen to your client and give them exactly what they want. There will be instances when you disagree with your client but make sure to keep your client involved in whatever you plan. You should always provide them with recommendations and suggestions and asking relevant questions is always a good practice for SEO account managers.

  1. Become an Analyst

No wonder how good an account manager you may become, you always need to stay ahead of the eight ball. Therefore, it is important that you develop a good sense of analysis of market position and latest trends. You should be able to predict certain changes that will help you stay ahead of other SEO companies. To do that, you can get a Google Analytics Certification that will not only polish you as SEO account manager, but will improve your market worth as well.

  1. Define your Communication Style

Staying in touch with your client is critical and it is best to set a medium for such communication beforehand. Prescheduled calls and conferences always give a good impression. Urgent calls can have negative impacts as it can raise doubts about your competence as an account manager.

  1. Be Creative

Never be afraid of coming up with new and innovative ideas during your projects. In an environment that keeps changing its trends and styles, such creative decisions normally work better than the conventional formats.

  1. Collaborate with your Coworkers

Team work and collaboration with coworkers is a key to success. Ensure that your colleagues are on the same page with you and that you help out each other when needed. Such environment brings out the best from the workers which in turn benefit the company.