8 Tips For Increasing The Resale Value Of Your Car

If you plan on selling your car a few months down the line, then it is essential that you start preparing for the sale right away. This will allow you to prep the car in a manner that it gets the highest possible price. And in this post, we will be discussing eight such simple tips that will definitely help you get the best resale value for your car.

  1. Check The Miles Traveled

The first thing you need to do is to keep the mileage in check since it will play a big role in determining the value of your car. The lower the number of miles it has traveled, the more money you can get for the car. As such, if you have any long road trip planned, seriously consider whether you should take your car or rent another one. Using the car for the trip can easily bump up the traveled miles indicator, which can drag down the price of the car massively depending on how old it is.

  1. Clean It Regularly

Imagine never taking a bath and visiting your workplace. Just as with humans, cars also need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Else, the dirt, pollutants, dust, and debris that get deposited into various areas of the car can negatively affect its performance. A dirty car will only lead to bigger repairs and lower mileage, which in turn will drive down the sales value.

  1. Park It Away From Sunlight

Never expose your car under sunlight for an extended period of time. This can easily make the exterior of the car age faster, which will also deter most potential buyers from quoting a high price. So, if you are going for a visit somewhere with your car, try to find a shady spot when parking so that the vehicle can be shielded from the harsh sunlight.

  1. Stick With The Maintenance Schedule

Your vehicle will usually come with a maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Try to stick with it and never skip any maintenance schedule under any condition. This will ensure that your vehicle is always checked on time and is maintained in the best possible way. Plus, remember to keep all bills and documents of the maintenance done on the vehicle. This will act as proof for the prospective buyers that the car has been well taken care of and will net you a higher price.

  1. Mind The Headlights

If your headlights are dim, then you need to correct it immediately. Prospective buyers are not going to be interested in a car that comes with fuzzy headlights. So, make it as bright as possible and you will stand a better chance of selling the car at a good price.

  1. Smooth The Dents

If there is something that buyers dislike in a used car, it is a dent. After all, why would you buy a car that has a dent in it? A dent indicates that the vehicle has not be taken care of in a good manner. As such, it is essential that you smooth out all the dents on the car before putting it up for sale. Plus, you must also repair all the scratches on the exterior paint.

  1. Timing

There are lots of options to sell your car but before you choose how you sell the vehicle, you need to make an even bigger decision – when to sell. And timing is of critical importance for getting a high price on the car. For example, if you plan to sell the car to a dealer, never meet them during their busy days since they will already be neck deep in so much work that they might not even properly listen to you. Instead, visit the dealer when they are mostly free and you will have a chance of striking a better deal.

  1. Wax It Before Sale

When buyers look for a used car, they want it as new as possible. And nothing screams ‘new’ as much as a well-waxed car. So, make sure that you definitely get your car waxed before putting it up for sale. Spend some extra money and buy the best quality polish to use on the car. The impact the waxing will create and the bargaining power you will have will be well worth it. Now, if you do not know how polished the exterior should look, just check the interior of the door frame. This should give you a good enough idea of how well polished the exterior has to be.