A Major Storm in the Capital Market

The New York securities market was taken by storm when the renowned Dr. Said Haidar entered the market with his very own firm by the name of Haidar Capital Management. Haidar Capital Management was able to cover an extensive area of the market and rope in top clientsincluding the likes of families and individuals, some major businessmen, and other family businesses which are valued highly in the market, within a very short span of time. The limited liability company spread its wings through a number of associates and became one of the most powerful forces to be reckoned in the capital market.

What was setting Haidar Capital Management apart from its competitors was the transparency it was providing its clients, which seldom any firm in the capital market provides. Dr. Said Haidar was a brilliant personality, having completed his graduation from the very renowned and prestigious Harvard College and then completing his doctoral from the University of Chicago. After completing of his studies, he set foot in the professional market and held major positions at some of the very well renowned organizations. He served as the Senior Vice President of Lehman Brothers between 1989 and 1994, and then from 1994 till 1997 he served as the Director of CSFB. Both these positions and his education gave him an acute knowledge of the market and he was ready to share his knowledge to provide high quality service to the clients.

With an aim to provide excellent and a different service to the clients in the hedge fund market he opened his portfolio management organization by the name of Haidar Capital Management. The astounding success of the organization and the efficient leadership and guidance of Dr. Said Haidar saw the company grow by leaps and bounds and creating history in the financial area.

Haidar Capital Management or Haidar Jupiter Fund LLC had a unique strategy which helped them grow along with those involved. Unlike many other firms, the managers were provided special training and were chosen carefully who would be able to make the best of the training process. This allowed for transfer of knowledge to these managers who were all given the task of managing the portfolio of the clients. Their judgement and understanding was what taking the company forward. The organization even gave chance to the fresh graduates and moulded their talents to become the best.

Besides the able training program and the passing on of knowledge by Dr. Said Haidar, another point which was setting the organization apart from many other competitors was the use of technology in the process. The limited liability company also employed the information technology system to ensure better handling of the portfolios. The technology also allowed the process to be transparent and thus leaving no grievance in the mind of the clients about the use of their funds in the market. They now did not have to wait for the quarter of every year to find how the fund was behaving. It was a revolution in an area which had previously been a lot more secretive about the operation.

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