Apple’s iPhone 8 Rumored to be Released with 3D Dual Lens Camera

Apple has a great relationship with LG. The company provided iSight Duo-lens system in iPhone 7, and lately various news has emerged about their collaboration in the new iPhone 8 as well. As per a report from South Korea, the next generation iPhone 8 tipped to come with 3D Dual Lens Camera. The reports may hold some truth, since Apple is currently working with LG, and LG is the only exclusive supplier to the dual lens camera integrated in iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple has always put ample of efforts to provide great photographic experience to iPhone users, and has always been ahead of other smartphones in the market. Even iPhone 7 Plus differs for iPhone 7 with the inclusion of dual lens computer system. iPhone 7 has Optical Image Stabalization integrated with it. The portrait mode integration in  iPhone 7 Plus also enhances the photographic experience. And with 3D Dual Lens Camera, iphone 8 users will be able to do 3D photographing through mobile devices.

Based on the report in The Korea Economic Daily, it mentions about LinX Imaging company. This company was bought by Apple last year, which means Apple has an ownership of enhanced camera technology of LinX. The enhanced camera technology includes 3D depth mapping, lighting enhancements, etc. Thus, it appears report may hold some truth, and Apple can once again work with LG to extend the ongoing relationship, and add a 3D dual lens camera in the next iPhone, or most probably iPhone 8. Even a close source said, ‘LG has its own 3D camera technologies, a joint effort will bear fruit by the end of next year.’

However, it’s still early to comment on the actual product and apps that will be used to enable 3D photographing in iPhone 8. Apple does have ownership and various patents on an object and gesture recognition in 3D space.  So, we could expect from Apple to use these technologies in the upcoming next generation devices.

The look of 3D images remains uncertain, but it’s likely they will offer more details in the background  and improve the depth of images, easily.

Apple had a great success in improving camera experience by integrating dual camera lens in iPhone 7 Plus. Its likely Apple will continue to focus on integrating 3D dual lens camera in the iPhones which are to be released by the end of this year.

Though it’s just a speculation, given the timing, wherein Apple is expected to redesign iPhones for Apple’s 10th  Anniversary; a camera update is definitely a possibility. And with new glass design, wireless charging, iPhone 8 definitely gives us something to look forward to this year.