Why Bed Bugs Are The Most Dangerous And What You Need To Know About Them?

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that do not have wings and feed on a warm-blooded source of food. Mostly, humans are their hosts and they can be found easily anywhere humans live.

Bed bugs are the most common pests that are easily found in any house. With the increase in the selling and purchasing of second-hand furniture and traveling from places to places, these bed bugs are multiplying in numbers spreading everywhere from homes to offices.

Following are some amazing inside information related to Bed Bugs:

Love for Travelling:

Bed bugs are travel lovers. They can travel around the world for free inside suitcases, clothes, backpacks, and pieces of furnitures. They are the keenest travelers you would have ever met. They multiply in numbers as and when you travel from one place to another. This is why they are causing the most fatal diseases around the globe.

Having Lavish Meals:

Bed bugs are known for having lavish meals thrice a day, which means, after biting and infecting one area, they will move to another area and like that, their journey continues. Bed bugs are most active during the night hours so that humans do not disturb their eating cycles. However, if a bedbug is hungry only then it will come out during the daytime to suck your blood.

There are a couple of pests that look for a variety of food supplies, however, the bed bug is the only pest that does not need any other food supply apart from his host’s blood. Another interesting fact about bed bugs is that they do not suck spilled blood. They only suck blood from the host’s body as it works well according to the temperature and pressure they need for their meals.

They Can Survive Anywhere:

A fallacy that we as humans live in is that bed bugs only live in a place which is dirty and filthy. Bed bugs do not have any such preference. They can survive almost anywhere with the apt temperature and a constant food source availability. So, cleaning your room is not just enough to get rid of bed bugs. In fact, you should take measures that help you get rid of these completely even if the room is all clean.

Lay Eggs:

You think bed bugs can lay eggs that you can count? If that is the case, then you are totally wrong! They have a potential of laying eggs that go beyond numbers. With a continuous blood supply, the female bed bug can lay eggs more than 500 in her entire lifespan.

Saliva Acts As A Pain-Killer:

The saliva of bed bugs act as a painkiller, that is why when a bed bug bites, no pain is felt and as a host, you remain normal. The saliva also contains other chemicals that increase the flow of blood causing various fatal diseases.

Going Underground is What They Like:

Hiding is what bed bugs love the most. Whenever they are not in the feeding mood, they hide in cracks and spots that are not visible to a naked eye. They can easily dwell in places like wardrobes, cupboards, beds, sofas, etc. Mostly, hotels and hostels are places that you find in enormous numbers as humans visit that place frequently. If you are a traveling soul then use these tips to know if you have bed bugs hidden in your hotel bed or not!

  • Always check the headboard and any between the design patterns of the bed
  • Move the bed away from the wall and see if you can find any bed bugs behind it
  • Inspect any hole that is present in the bed
  • Inspect the pillow covers, mattress linings, and the bedsheets
  • Bedside chest of drawers is also a living place for bed bugs.
  • Check the inside of the drawers.
  • Inspect the lamps, any photo frames, and showpieces.
  • Always inspect the cushions of the sofa.

Particular About The Food:

When it is about the food source then bed bugs are really adamant. They only survive when they suck blood from the host body and if there is spilled blood, that is never their food source. Also, an adult bed bug can live without any food supply for 5 months if the conditions are in favor. However, for a bed bug nymph, need food supply at least once a day so that they can move to the higher stage of their life cycle.