Best Car Wrecking Service In Adelaide- Get Cash In Return Of Car

A Brief on SA Wreckers:

If you have a damaged car to send for wrecking in Adelaide then we are the first point of contact to meet your requirement. We, at SA Wreckers, take pride in declaring that we are best car wreckers in Adelaide area to provide you with the best cash deals against your damaged car. We believe in providing cash against car wrecking and also provide you with towing of your car free of cost. No matter your house is located, you can keep your wrecked car at any corner of Adelaide, and we will collect it from you without any additional cost.

What Do We Provide?

As a car removals company we always ensure that our customers get instant cash for cars Adelaide in hand as soon as they handover their wrecked car to us. There is no waiting period for you after you handover your damaged car. We won’t inspect your car thoroughly. You just need to send across your car removal request to us over phone or website enquiry. We will simply provide you with a quote through phone or e-mail based on the car model and the condition of car you state. We have expert team of car appraisers who can make perfect assessment on get knowledge of the make of your car and provide you with the best value for the cars. We can offer you a deal maximum to a value of $15000. We have confidence in the fact that no one in Adelaide can beat our deal for damaged cars. In short we provide you with a hassle free car wrecking and removal service in town. Right from collecting your car to dismantling it, our team is there to help you out in every step.

Our Services:

If you are keen on our services then below are the lists of services you get from us-

  1. A Complete Car Wrecking Service – we are there to provide you with good cash deal for any damaged car model of any brand. We will accept your car in any condition you wish to sell us. We ensure that the wrecking process takes place in an eco-friendly manner in our car-wrecking yard.
  2. Easy Removal of Cars –We guarantee free removal of car from your junkyards. No matter where your car is located or where your garage is, if you are in Adelaide, we will get the car or truck collected completely free of cost.
  3. Dismantling of Cars –Dismantling of cars with us is an easy job as we don’t involve any other agency. We take the complete responsibility of the process; we will collect your car and send it for wrecking and dismantling in the most eco-friendly manner. We have team of professional car appraisers who will assess your damaged car and give you the highest bid for payment. We are open to offer you an amount extending up to $15000.
  4. Wrecking of Trucks – Our services are not restricted to personal cars only. We will even consider buying damaged trucks from Junkyards. We ensure green disposal of the truck you handover to us and provide your with instant payment in cash.
  5. SUV and 4WD Wrecking – Do you have a 4WD or an SUV to be wrecked? We will provide you $15000 in its return.
  6. We sell used parts of automobiles. You will get these car parts at extremely low rate. So now you can repair your car with second hand car parts and make it almost new at dirt cheap price.

Contact us at 0404 378 940 for any kind car wrecking services, we can proudly declare that you will be satisfied and have a hassle free car removal.