Best Paying Jobs for Engineers

India being a rapidly developing country, the importance and value of competent engineers from all disciplines has been increasing proportionately to keep up with the operational and developmental needs of organizations in the country. Engineering has always been one of the most sought after and prestigious fields to build one’s career in. Rightly so, engineering can prove to be highly rewarding for aspiring professionals.

Engineering in itself is a very vast profession, divided into various streams like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering to name a few.

Some of the most rewarding jobs for engineers are listed below, under the most popular streams of engineering. Picking a job or career path largely depends on the interest and skill set of the individual.

  • Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers are required to study, analyze, design, construct and maintain mechanical systems to meet the desired objectives of the organization and keep the ball rolling. Mechanical engineering has vast applications in different industries making it a highly competitive, yet rewarding career path. On average, a fresh graduate can expect to earn around Rs. 2 – 5 LPA, increasing significantly with experience.

  • Programmer

Under the umbrella of IT engineering, a programmer is a person who develops computer software. A programmer is responsible for writing code in different languages and is generally specialized on one area. A fresh graduate can expect to earn around Rs. 3 – 8 LPA, however if picked up by one of the major players in the IT industry, the salary can be significantly higher.

  • Data Warehouse Analyst

A Data Warehouse Analyst is concerned with all aspect of data warehouse development. The Data Warehouse Analyst is responsible for the designing processes for data warehouses and designing data bases. A Data warehouse analyst can expect to earn around Rs. 5 LPA, gradually increasing with experience in the field.

  • IT Consultant

An Information Technology Consultant works with clients to provide expertise and advise them how to make optimal use of their Information Technology to achieve the desired results and meet their business objectives.

IT consultants may also be required to provide guidance during selection and procurement in the IT department and provide expert technical assistance as required. On Average, an IT consultant can earn around Rs. 8 LPA, going up to as much as Rs. 20 LPA with experience and credibility in the field.

  • Consulting Civil Engineer

A Consulting Civil Engineer provides advice and guidance for the design, planning and management of civil construction projects. Consulting Civil Engineers play an important role in all types of construction projects, generally in the area of large infrastructure projects.

Responsibilities of a consulting Civil Engineer include assessments of construction sites, analysis of the feasibility of various projects.

A fresh graduate in the field can earn around Rs. 3 – 5 LPA, however, an experienced professional with 4 – 5 years of experience can earn significantly higher, ranging around Rs. 8 – 10 LPA.

  • Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineering concerns itself with the development and analysis of aircrafts and aerodynamics.

An aerospace engineer is responsible for carrying out research, design, development and maintenance of aircrafts. Depending on the sector of employment, an aerospace engineer deals with civil or military aircrafts.

On average, they can earn around Rs. 6-8 LPA, going up to Rs. 15 – 20 LPA as they gain some experience in the field.

  • Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer ensures the optimum utilization of various computer components i.e research, analysis, designing, development and testing.

The basic skills required for this job are analytical abilities and creative understanding and approach. On the technical side, programming skills, analytical, research and testing are must.

The annual package is between 3-4lac depending on factors like alma mater, skills, experience, industry etc.