Big Mistakes That You Should Take Care to Avoid When Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

Everyone assumes buying wedding bands and rings is easy, however, the truth is that people often get confused and end up making the wrong choices. Because wedding bands can set you back by several thousands of dollars, these mistakes can indeed be very costly and worth avoiding in the first place. Some practical tips:

  • Picking the Wrong Diamond

Even though the cut is only one of the 4 Cs of evaluating diamonds, it happens to be the most important as it determines how much it will sparkle on your finger. Even a diamond with perfect clarity and color can end up looking less than impressive if it is not cut properly. Many people expect diamonds to have perfect clarity; however, flawless diamonds are prohibitively expensive. Since you can only perceive a certain degree of clarity with the naked eye, it makes no sense to go chasing after perfect stones. A diamond with a beautiful color can help to hide flaws. Obsessing over the size of the diamond can also prove to be very expensive. A diamond that is a perfect one-carat looks no different from a stone that is 0.9-carat but the “larger” stone costs far more.

  • Picking the Wrong Style

Most people purchasing diamond wedding bands tend to focus on only the stone while ignoring the setting, which is more responsible for showing off your personal style. It is extremely important to pay attention to the ring design because while many people prefer the solitaire setting, other designs like halo, 3-stone or diamond accents can be quite stylish. Choosing a style that is preferred by the wearer accentuates the personal style. Discover some really wonderful ring styles at

  • Not Being Clued into Precious Metals

It is not sufficient to only pay attention to the diamond; the metals that go into the production of the wedding ring are equally important. While the most popular ring metal is gold, you now need to make up your mind between yellow, rose or white gold and whether you want it to be 18-karat or 14-carat. While the 18-carat is more expensive, there is a lesser chance of allergies, however, the 14-karat rings are hardier. Platinum is also a very popular choice because of its luster and toughness though it is very expensive. Choosing the metal without knowing the color preference of the wearer can be disastrous.

  • Not Knowing How Much to Spend

There are no hard and fast rules about how much money a wedding band should ideally cost. Any suggestion about it being equivalent to two months’ salary is purely a marketing gimmick aimed at inducing customers to spend more. Decide on how much you can afford and buy the best within it. By avoiding purchases during the peak season like Valentine’s Day, you can stretch your budget further.


The best way of buying a wedding band is to undertake a thorough research into the options available and make your selection based on a mix of practical reasons like durability and cost as well as personal preferences.

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