Conservation Policy for Golden-winged Warbler

This is one of the most popular migratory birds and well-known as a song bird too. The bird is mainly found in the United States of America but migrates to the Central and South America during winters. It usually faces the problem of survival as it has to leave its breeding grounds.

Nowadays, the conservation policy for Golden-winged Warbleris being made in the Central and Southern states. In the present times, it has registered one of the least populations as the species is slowly declining.

How can we help in conserving them?

The major issue is concerned with the habitat loss of the Golden-winged Warblerand the authorities are now complying with the same. There are many steps which are taken to preserve them and to bring them back to the mainstream breeding grounds.

Many co-operative programs between different agencies are also being carried out. So here are some of the steps through which we can do the needful to conserve this species:-

  • Reforestation process: – The reforestation is the major thing which needs to be concentrated upon. The bird’s natural habitat which in reality is lacking should be given them back.
  • Awareness programs:- The main thing is to create awareness among the people of the area especially the farmers. Even the urban area settlers also need to be educated and for that special programs are carried out.
  • Monitoring of the bird:- The authorities are also keeping a close monitor on these migratory birds. They are losing their habitat because of competition with other birds and hybridization with the Blue-winged Warblers. So, it has become necessary to keep a close monitor on them.
  • Initiation of Action plans: – The top authorities have made some action plans to restore their habitat. Their restoration process is on the move as they are mainly concentrating the mountainous areas. Even this plan is extended to the main cities of America so that their population can be increased by 50%.
  • Man-made threats:- There are many threats which are leading to their declination. They are mainly due to glass collision or big buildings as they throng the urban areas. So, bird friendly designs are suggested to increase their population.

Other suggestive measures

The authorities with the help of bird-conservation action plan groups are working steadily in this direction. They have put in millions of funds to recover the lost habitat of the Golden-winged Warbler and to conserve them. Many other key measures are also taken in this direction:-

  • The tracking devices are used to locate their habitats and the data will be collected through this resource.
  • The mapping of their habitat areas is done so to restore these birds there.
  • Plans are also made to conserve the woodland areas in the region by maintaining the environment stability.

So, we can say that if awareness is created among the people on the conservation of this species than it can be preserved. Everyone should be educated about their natural habitat and their needs.