Driving Ticket Sales

When organizing a first-time event, companies often encounter the hurdle of making ticket sales. After sifting through the never-ending online ticketing platforms and selecting one that fits best, companies then have to find ways to promote their event and produce sales.

Pitching your event to prominent media outlets and event listings is an effective method to drive traffic. It’s a good idea to invite industry journalists and bloggers to attend your event, who can in-turn write about the event and promote among their followers. Established publications traditionally have event listings and calendars, which can provide details to a wider circulation while also redirecting them directly to an event page to purchase tickets.

On a digital front, marketing agencies can offer both paid and organic social media strategies that boost sales. Boosted posts can allow companies to target their audience based on interests, purchasing behavior, and Geo location, allowing for very specific demographic. From an organic standpoint, tagging is crucial for increasing social visibility. “Tag-a-friend contests” and tagging participating partners will increase the likelihood of your social posts being noticed and shared.

On-boarding local businesses as community partners lends legitimacy to your new event. Partnering with businesses can give you the opportunity to invite pseudo-brand ambassadors who can spread positive word-of-mouth. Depending on the type of partnership discussed, these partners can also promote your event in-store or online. These individuals and organizations are already established and have the influence to elevate your event from a gimmick to a community movement.

As an example – say you have to drive ticket sales for a niche interest exhibit or event. You can negotiate ad placements, develop a full social media calendar, and invite influential members of that community to create an all-encompassing strategy that could raise wider, more mainstream awareness to the event beyond the members of the immediate community.

Ticket sales don’t have to be intimidating. Leveraging social, community, and media networks can provide the necessary boost to get your event off the ground and, most importantly, increase overall ticket sales.