When Should You Expect Results in Digital Marketing?

This question of when should or better, how soon should I expect the improved results in Digital Marketing is being asked by new clients all over the world. And rightly so. But the main problem with this question is that there is not one definite answer. The key is not to have unrealistic expectations as it can kill your drive before it ever has a chance to take off.

The truth is, in this age of cut-throat competition, our world has become obsessed with overnight success stories and extreme company valuations. Naturally, prospective clients get easily distracted by all the clatter. Despite all these distractions, it is very critical to have the right expectations especially while launching a new digital marketing campaign.

Analyzing the Digital Market:

A thorough analysis of the digital market will reveal the fact that there are so many variables at play that it is difficult for even the experts to predict the end result time. While analyzing digital marketing, it is imperative to look beyond just the cost per click. A digital marketing campaign shouldn’t be valued on just cost per click; every aspect of that media needs to be looked at. Facts like how many total views were there on one of the ads delivered? How many people viewed your Instagram and Facebook advertisement? The time spent on your site from the clicks and the bounce rate is equally important. How many consumers that clicked on your display ad, came back to your website a second or third time?

At the end of the day an email is virtually the same thing as a direct-mail piece; it just has links, and is sent to an inbox rather than a mailbox. So should you be concerned about the cost per click on your email campaign? The answer is NO.

It is also advised not to expect the same results when targeting new prospects/business, then when targeting your existing database. Businesses that have not taken your service before are not as likely to open your emails or click on your ads. An email to new prospective business usually generates 1-2% open rates and to an existing customer email campaigns typically generate 10-15% open rates.

So when can I expect the Results?

A data-driven approach in addition to properly executed procedures in digital marketing can reduce the guessing game but still cannot answer the million-dollar question of when the improved results will be reflected. The more the tactical strategies are being executed, the better the results will be. Criteria like Paid search, SEO campaigns, social media and content marketing play a very crucial role.

In Paid Search, with an effective target active keywords, you can see the increase in traffic almost immediately.

SEO campaigns are regarded as a sure sort method to increase the digital presence of any business as it is very sustainable. SEO also allows you to broaden your efforts into long-tail keywords, which are important aspects of digital marketing.

Social media serves as a perfect platform for internet fame. It can be used to increase awareness as well as website traffic and sales.

Content marketing is equally important as research shows that businesses that blog 20 or more times in a month about their products are liking to get 5 folds more traffic than those who blog less than 4 times in a month.


It can be very discouraging and frustrating to know that results will take time and effort. But it is the truth as every good thing take time. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that you find the right agency to partner with. Do a thorough research on a company that is willing to work within your budget, converse with you openly and answer your questions transparently. Make sure your company works intricately on the above mentioned areas of digital marketing. This way you will find yourself more relaxed while your digital marketing campaign builds your reach.