Eyebrows Threading: An Effective Way To Make Your Face Beautiful

It is witnessed that almost all people do not care much about their eyebrows and do not know the fact that nice eyebrows will define their face shape and will make facial impression. A large number of beauty bloggers greatly care about how their eyebrows look. Therefore, eyebrows threading is considered as one of the most practical ways in terms of giving individuals’ face structure. Today, I will suggest you keys to having nice eyebrows threading.


Before threading your eyebrows, you need to find out which eyebrows shape would suit you fine. The face shape performs its role as a crucial step to choose what types of brows will be appropriate for you.

Oval face:

Oval face is the most favorite face shape of girls or women. If you have an oval face, the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal, and then you will be suitable for any styles. There is no difficulty in finding preferred eyebrows. Medium thick brows and slightly sharp arch are wise choices.

Square face:

People, who have a square face, will recognize that the length of their face is roughly equal to its width. Additionally, cheekbones and jaw angles in their faces are proportionate. Therefore, the important goal when you thread your eyebrows is that you should maintain the height of the arch high but you do not keep it very high. Create a slight curve and the thickness medium for your brows to have an attractive appearance.

Long face:

If you have a long face, you need to make your face look a bit shorter. An effective way to have a beautiful face is threading eyebrows carefully. You need to have a flat brow, then bend downward line or keep it perfectly straight. This step will work well in making the face seems shorter. The flat brows have abilities in making the face look less long and more evident.

Heart-shaped face:

People who have a heart-shaped face will have a pointy chin. Therefore, they have to aim at distracting the concentration from the chin to the eyes. To get this distraction, they should keep their eyebrows in rounded line. It is no use creating a sharp arch. Keep it as shaped and smooth as possible to balance the pointy chin.


Sewing thread :

For the process of threading eyebrows, everyone needs primitive tools, especially high- cotton sewing thread. You must measure the exact length of that sewing, for about 30 centimeters, or as long as your forearm. It is necessary for you to make sure that your eyebrow hair not slant on the thread.

Small pair of scissors:

You can trim off your eyebrows before threading them. Your scissors needed should be small and sharp enough to get at the brows. Buying them online at Medplusbeauty.com or buy it from the supermarket.

Eyebrows brushes:

You use them for the purpose brushing browns and then preparing for threading process.

Eyebrow pencils:

Using a pencil to draw the eyebrow shape you want and after guiding the outline on the brows, you need to wash it off with water.


  • Sit down in front of a mirror and then set up bright light for the process of threading brows. You should not use magnifying mirror due to its enlargement. It prevents you from realizing real brows; thus, you will figure out that your brows are overdone. It will be better off if you have a large room with well-equip facilities.
  • Use eyebrow pencils to define the starting point, the arch and ending point of your eyebrow. You need to make certain of the outline based on natural eyebrow shape.
  • If you aim at trimming your brows clearer, you will draw a thicker arch and a higher line before following the outline to thread. Your brows can not be different from other brows unless you mark the greatly desired shape.


  1. Tie the thread into a loop form. Hold it against your forearm to measure its exact length. Then, you continue tying the two ends together to make a loop tightly and cut the thread.
  2. Create a small knot and twist the loop five times until you can keep one end of the loop on your fingers. It will look like two bowls or an hourglass.
  3. Try to control the thread with hands. You need to open one hand and close the other hand to justify the loop. Your thumb or your forefinger should be positioned in this loop. Then you close the other hand and increase or decrease the distance between your fingers. This step is crucial for you to remove eyebrow hairs.
  4. Keep the winded portion of the thread on the area you want to remove hairs. Your fingers should be placed in the loop. Then you use your thumb to hold the one end and use your forefinger to hold the other end.

As mentioned above, you need to agree on the fact that beauty tips are very useful for people, especially for women. Threading your eyebrows will always be a good way to make you more confident in yourself.

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