Famous Indian Restaurants to Dine in London

In Britain meeting up for dinner with the family used to consist of regular Sunday outings to the local pub or restaurants for Sunday lunch. How times have changed, especially in the vibrant city of London. Now when families meet up for dining purposes they tend to indulge in an array of foreign cuisines, with Indian cuisine undoubtedly being one of the most popular.

As a nation we are all becoming a lot more food savvy. People want the real deal. They want to embrace different cultures through their taste buds. Gone are the days whereby people picked up a jar of readymade Tikka Masala from the grocery store and thought they were eating as people do in India. Nowadays people take advantage of their dinner dates by experiencing authentic dishes they have never tried before.

If this sounds like you, then read on to discover two of the finest Indian restaurants offering the perfect place to dine with your family.



There is only one place to start, and this is with Veeraswamy. After all, if it is good enough for David Cameron and his family, then who isn’t going to have a fabulous experience?

This is a recommended option for those celebrating a special occasion. Veeraswamy will ensure you have a birthday or anniversary you remember for many years to come. After all, how many other restaurants can say that they have been standing since 1926? That it once served the likes of Marlon Brando, Indira Gandhi, and King Hussein of Jordan? That they are the only UK based restaurant to feature in National Geographic’s ‘Top 10 Best Destination & Special Restaurants in the World’?

If the high class guests, luxurious decor, and unique setting aren’t enough, then the food is bound to seal the deal. It is genuine Indian cuisine sourced from the gourmet homes and palaces of India. All dishes are prepared via traditional methods yet presented with beautiful contemporariness.



Another alternative when looking for the best Indian restaurant in London is Amaya. Amaya has a Michelin Star and has won an array of awards since it opened its doors in October 2004.

This Indian restaurant is best described as an authentic grill. Because of this, the Amaya is usually a great choice when dining with children. After all, most kids don’t tend to be fans of heavy sauces and curries.

When visiting Amaya you will get to witness three different types of Indian grill cooking – and you will literally witness it as the food is cooked in front of you.First there is the Sigri. This is a coal or wood burning stove and is usually utilised in order to flame grill skewers consisting of either meat or vegetables. Secondly, there is also the tandoor; this is a large oven that is used to cook meat, however in the past it was considered to be a huge bread oven. And thirdly, there is the tawa. This is a thick metal skillet and is used to produce a lighter heat so that vegetables can be cooked to perfection.

With such intricacy, authenticity, and thought going into the food you can guarantee you and your family will have a fantastic experience.