Fast 8 – Fate of the Wrecked Cars

Fast 8 is the last film in the Fast and Furious Franchise that reigned supreme at the box office. The film managed one of the highest grosses ever in the history of cinema and the franchise continues to be one of the best ones on the planet in the modern age. As good as Fate of the Furious was, Fate of the Wrecked Cars that got totaled in the film is mostly a mystery.

It is easy to think that those cars just got destroyed, especially the one where Jason Statham and Vin Diesel have a head-on collision and seemingly walk out of their epically destroyed cars unharmed. We could only wish those cars were as durable as the two guys driving them right. However, that is simply not the case. Jason Statham grabs a rod coming out of his windshield that was strategically placed as a frame to add more strength to the car and goes hell out on Vin Diesel. Auto Wreckers had a dream come true with such high profile cars getting destroyed in one film.

Both cars and a lot many others get completely destroyed almost to a point where they simply cannot be put back on the road. Although Fate of the wrecked cars in the Fast and Furious Franchise is not publically disclosed. Here’s some of the most probable outcomes for them:

Some Got Repaired and Resold

Contrary to common belief, some of the cars that got damaged and wrecked during the filming of Fate of the Furious, were not beyond saving. Some of them got saved, repaired and resold as collector’s items to their appreciators.

The reselling price tags for these cars were actually much higher than what they would cost if they were not used in such a blockbuster film. This added value put these cars in a good place making their new owners proud of their purchase as well.

We should make clear that the cars used by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) were not among the ones that got resold for use. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) totaled a car that got repaired and resold at an auction however. So did the car used by Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson). There are many other cars that got resold for use as well after being repaired and restored to their original glory.

Some Made It to Museums

The Fast and Furious Franchise is one of the biggest to ever grace Hollywood Cinema. Their films are known across the world for using some of the best cars from history. Some of the classics make their way into the film driven by important characters. Many have made it to museums across the world.

Two of the most notable ones are at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. The “Dodge Ice Charger” driven by none other than Dominic Toretto himself and the “Rally Fighter” driven by Letty. Both of these are movie stars in their own right and play important roles every now and then in new movies from the franchise. The Dodge Ice Charger has already been taken from the museum on many occasions, maybe playing its part in the ninth film’s shooting, who knows.

These cars are great tourist attractions in fact. People pay tickets to see them in flesh and blood, well in oil and metal to be more precise. We just hope more cars from the franchise make it to popular museums so we can see them live for ourselves.

Some Actually Got Destroyed

A sad part about this film franchise is that some great legendary cars do actually get destroyed for good. Although the filmmakers are clever when it comes to destroying cars as they destroy cheap replicas and not the original ones. Yet, ones that do get used as crashing cars, never make it back alive at all.

Take the example of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, the original costs no less than USD 5 million. It got used as a “hero” car implying the fact that only important actors could sit in it. However, 10 matching replicas got built for the car for about USD 40,000 and got destroyed in jumping scenes. Most famously where Vin Diesel and late Paul Walker jump out of one and the cars dives and flips right into the Colorado River.

The Lykan HyperSport that cost no less than 3.4 million dollars also seemingly got destroyed as it jumped from one skyscraper to the other and then fell down on hard concrete at the end in Fast 7. Although it did not star in the Fast 8 but was too much of a catch to miss out on in our article. At the end of the scene, you can only see the bare bone skeleton of the car. Maybe it was the real thing, who knows.

Some Made Car Removal Service’s Day

Yes, that’s right, some cars even got referred to junk car removal experts. These service providers buy old broken and destroyed cars so that they can make use of their good parts and scrap metals for new car manufacturing. That is one tough fact to believe for a car enthusiast but is equally true at the same time.

These films get some of the highest budgets you can ever think of. Destroying couple of well know cars for them is no big deal. For all their stunts and impressive scenes, many cars got totaled and will get destroyed in future films to come. Car removal services get their day turned into Christmas when a famous legendary car is ready for a removal service and is still in a restorable condition.

One such service provider is Hazara car Removal. These guys can pay you top cash for your totally destroyed old cars. If you have a car that is beyond repair and use and are located in Melbourne, these guys might be your best bet to salvage maximum amount for it. As long as you don’t expect gold prices for your destroyed cars, you will be good to make a deal with these guys.