Get over Depression and Social Anxiety

Depression and Social Anxiety are two most commonly found mental ailments in most urban population. This mental state leads to many physical ill effects too. But these issues are very much treatable and with proper care and treatment one can easily get over depression and social anxiety. But before we find out how, let’s see what these are?

What is Depression?

Depression is that common symptom that affects one’s day-to-day activities and can be very disturbing. There are many ups and downs in everyone’s life and when there is a bad phase or time, usually most people get over it quickly but if the sadness continues over a longer period of time then it can take a form of depression.

In depression the person may have suicidal tendencies, won’t like anything, may loss appetite or over eat, won’t like anyone’s company, may have insomnia or sleeping too much, tiredness or loss of energy, fidgety or irritated throughout the day and many more.

What is Social Anxiety?

This is yet another most common form of anxiety, affecting a large number of people around the world. In this disorder a person feels too conscious to interact with other people. Patient prefers to avoid social gatherings and stays as a loner.  There is extreme and irrational fear of social situations. The person gets excessive anxiety and has a fear of being watched, judged or criticized by others. This anxiety can even lead to panic attacks.

How to get over Depression & Social Anxiety?

First and foremost important point to remember here is that there are so many people out there are suffering with these disorders and these have proper treatments too. These are not un-curable disorders. With proper care and medication added with few exercises will bring back the person back to the normal life. People who suffer with social anxiety usually have depression too. Below are few tips on how you can get over depression and social anxiety:

  • Defy negative thoughts: First and most important step that you need to take is to challenge all your negative thoughts. As this is a mental disorder, so whatever is happening is all inside your brain and you will have to learn to control all your thoughts, especially the negative ones.
  • Practice controlling your breath: Uncontrolled breathing is also a symptom of disorder. And with practice one can easily learn to control breathing. This will also help in controlled body and mind functions.
  • Face your fears: There is no big failure than running away from your fears. So get in the habit of facing all your fears and overcoming them.
  • Try a therapy: If self-help is not giving the desired results then it is best to consult a doctor who can suggest you some kind of effective therapy.
  • Opt for drugs: Take a definitive dosage of phenibut powder as too much power can cause an overdose.

Always try to be in a company of good and motivated people and always keep yourself busy and be happy.

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