Heather Weber Throws Light on Striking a Balance Between Dieting and Exercising

Women have always been very conscious about their weight and following a strict diet or exercising is often one of their targets. The issue of the right weight and right size is also very dear to women and they love deliberating on how to strike the right balance to maintain just the ideal weight.

So, for all you ladies who have been struggling to strike this much needed balance of food intake and calorie burn out, Heather Weber Merrill Lynch has some simple and smart hacks that can make life easy.

  • Let water dominate your day: Well, you must already be aware of the fact that having plenty of water is the key to losing weight. So, in order to combine dieting and working out, you must always walk all the way to the water dispenser every time you need to gulp down a glass. Never keep a sipper or water bottle around to keep drinking as and when required. Also, be consciously aware that you need to drink water and do put in the effort to get up again and again to go to the water cooler.
  • Give your body enough time to digest the food eaten: The food that you eat must complement your life style. If you are a working woman, you must eat a scrumptious breakfast that is loaded with the lean proteins and carbs that will keep you fuelled up for the entire day. Pack a lunch that is neither too heavy nor too light but go low on your dinner as this is the time your body will not get the time required to digest all that is ingested. Also, after lunch, be it in office or at home, you must try to engage in some activity that requires physical movement. And, after dinner do try your best to at least sneak in time for a stroll.
  • Curb the desire to binge on goodies: Women often have the tendency to eat dollops of ice-cream or big bars of chocolates when they feel low. However, this needs to be controlled if not avoided. And the best way to do it is to work for the food. So, every time you have the urge to eat such things, make it a point to walk all the way to the ice-cream parlour or super market to get the stuff. The thought of all that hard work often puts off the desire and if you still decide to walk down, good for you as the walking is a great form of exercise. However, if you really want to cut down on the craving, suck on ice cubes.
  • Set lucrative goals: You will be more compelled to eat right and exercise along with if you have visible goals and targets to achieve. So, for a woman the most lucrative thing being dresses, you can select a pretty one online, that is one size smaller and keep it in the shopping cart to buy it as soon as you reach that size.

So, as Heather Weber Merrill Lynch suggests, there has to be the right combination of dieting and work out to lose weight and stay fit and healthy for long.