Home Decoration Tips for Holy Space


A wise saying from our forefathers, “Money can buy luxury & comfort, but it can’t buy satisfaction & happiness for you.” This saying holds exact meaning particularly in today’s age when financial studies show growing numbers of the peoples who have recently acquired wealth, with uncountable dispensable income. These people are often enjoying parties and many other things but facing emptiness from the inside.

Many people return home following a hard, hectic workday (no matter they are CEOs, Managers or Executives), it becomes very tough to get a quiet single minute in the home because of the playful chitchat of the kids, the regular notifications tones of the apps on your smart-phone,  the doorbell sound, and many other home appliances.

From the ancient time India has usually been a spiritual kingdom where ashrams in the jungle, holy festivals and temples and pilgrimages magnetize many people from around the world, in the hunt for mysticism and inner peace. At here it is very common to see a temple almost in every city and town. As well as a prayer room decorated with garlands & lamps in the most Indian homes that pay respect to the Patron God of the family. At the same time as many people make it part of an existing room, the religious people mostly choose to offer a separate room for this place. Actually, they consider God as a part of the family whose company demands shutting out unimportant interruptions from the everyday routine. Now the world is seeing the power of Yoga and meditation and following these practices in rising numbers.

A number of medical research shows that individuals who are regularly involve in spiritual practice have the benefit of better health, prevent from heart  related disease, light mood, and good immunity, maintain blood pressure, increased metabolism and induced states of leisure, among others. No matter of what your reasons to link with your inner-self, here are a few tips on how to craft a holy space in your home:


Room for prayer need to be soundproofed, so always select the area with least interruptions. Know the requirement of your family with considers to space during festivals and spiritual get-togethers. Even as the prayer is a lonely activity for some, but for many Indian families it a joint practice that engages complete families, buddies, and neighbors. But if you do not have sufficient space for this activity – you can make a small space with the help of bamboo blinds, curtains and shoji screens which seem wonderful and attractive. Be creative, vacant cabin, gardens, store room, attics, even the space under the staircase can all be changed to meet this purpose.


The color of the walls for pooja room plays an important role to set the mood of inhabitants. You can choose the color of your choice for example – you can prefer energetic colors that you find inspiring and refreshing, or soft and neutral shades to generate a more serene, calm ambiance. You can also take reference from the symbolic color of your religion.


Comfortable carpet on the floor will facilitate to quiet the noise of feet in the room when someone walks in, to keep the ambiance more hushed and prayerful. If sitting or kneeling on the floor is part of your daily prayer routine, scatter floor cushions and yoga mats are more comfortable for you.


The main part to consider is creating an altar that provides a center of attraction from every corner of the room.  It could either be a table or a stand that your God or Holy Book is placed upon. Beautify the room with religions’ symbol and iconography that maintain your spiritual and cultural faiths. Just a statue or an inspiring wall hanging could work too if you don’t have sufficient space


Fragrances can pacify the soul immediately. Light some perfumed candles, incense or perfumed oils that will give an experience of Zen into everyone who enters the space.


The company of flowers and indoor plants can be refreshing. Flower pots, garlands and even growing indoor plants can brighten up the ambiance of not only the room but entire home.

In Few Words

Every home needs a special place for a holy space that will spray positive vibe in all over the home. But upper mention tips are only applicable for a grand home not for 2 & 3 BHK Apartments. For all these, you must have an independent property with garden, open rooms with sufficient space as well as a location that is enriched with green surrounding and away from the noise of the city.Golf Link Villas

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