How to Plan a Budget Spring Wedding


However strong and resilient, love is seldom patient. The first kiss happens in fall and the big question pops up somewhere between snow-coated New Year’s Eve and tipsy Valentine’s Day. When spring comes knocking, you can already hear the wedding bells ringing. Love works in mysterious ways, and that sometimes calls for a simple, intimate, and frugal celebration. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you should postpone your special day for more fortunate times – the budding season is perfect for throwing a nuptial party that’s both romantic and cheap.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you plan yours.

1. Set Up a Budget


Some wedding expenses are fixed and unavoidable, but there are plenty of others that you can significantly decrease, or even dodge altogether. It’s important, however, to enlist them all. Do your homework, research all available solutions and compare their prices.

Money management is the least fun part of your planning process, but it’s still a fundamental one. You’ll need to set up a budget, see how it fits into your dream wedding, and start prioritizing. Don’t worry, though, since most of those traditionally costly ideas can now be brought about without major expenses.

2. Choose a Location

Location is one of them, for instance. In case you already have an expensive venue in mind, try to find out if it offers an all-inclusive wedding package only, or is flexible for other arrangements. If so, you might be allowed to pay for the location and search for cheaper catering and decorations elsewhere.
But, here’s the greatest part! Since it’s spring, your wedding party can be thrown in your friend’s garden or on the clearing in the nearby forest as well. The only thing you need is a secluded location and a creative mind.

3. Ask Friends for Help


External caterers and decorators can do an amazing job for little money, but you can also choose to ask your family and friends for help. There’s certainly at least one person in your inner circle that’s good with camera and ready to photograph the event as a wedding gift. A solid cameraman is also easy to find, and you can outsource the montage to a video editing service without having to spend a small fortune.

The same applies to wedding favors, invitations, adornments and menus, since DIY ones are extremely popular these days. You’ll have to make an effort to organize it all, but it will certainly be worth the trouble.

4. Pick a Theme

You don’t need a specialist help to choose a perfect theme for your wedding day. Inspiration is everywhere around, especially in springtime. You can pick one motif to begin with, and build your entire theme from there. Tulips, daisies, lilacs or anemones can serve as the foundation for the color palette, which affect your choice of decoration.

If an outdoor wedding sounds like a good idea to you, the possibilities are even greater. You can go rustic-style, build a secret garden or tie the knot in the middle of a sun-kissed meadow. Whatever excites you the most!

After all, love is the only essential thing on your wedding list. The rest, as always, will come with ease.