How to Survive In BJJ Training As a White Belt

Also known as BJJ, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a form of martial art that teaches how a smaller person can defend himself against larger opponent. It teaches how to utilize leverage as well as the techniques to take down your opponent.

The founders of BJJ is Garcie family that has created a modern combat style by combining Japanese jujitsu and Judo. It’s basically a modification of the two old ways of combat. So, here’s a short history about the martial art form.


Brief Information About Brazilian JuiJitsu

BJJ dates back to early 1900’s when one of the chiefs of Japanese colonies had come to Brazil. Esai Maeda was a former Jujitsu champion himself. After arriving in Brazil he befriended with GastoGarcie. He taught this Japanese martial art to Gatso’s son, Carlos.

In 1920’s first jui-jitsu institute was established in Brazil, courtesy Carlos and his four brothers. Moving on, the younger brother of Carlos, Helio with more interest in this sport, tried to modify the techniques and became successful in introducing what we now recognize as BJJ or Brazilian JuiJitsu. BJJ came to North America in early 1980’s when Helio and his son, Rorin began their first institute.

Now, it has been taught all around Canada. You can find the institutes of Brazilian jiujitsu in Scarborough. For information, you can visit

4 Things to Remember

Making yourself worthy of higher stages of BJJ requires intense training, focus and hard work. There is no shortcut in this matter. However, these are the 4 rules that can make your life a little easier.

  1. Don’t Just Watch the Videos

You cannot learn martial arts on the videos, until you stand and practice. Here, if you’re a BJJ student, no one cares what you’ve seen last night on the YouTube. You have to deliver the pattern of attack.

It’s the toughest part, since you have no partners to practice, and you have to convince your trainer who know better than you. So, practice the steps before suggesting it in front of the crowd. Or you’ll be in pain for sure.

  1. You’re A New Comer So You’re Not Good At It

That’s the reality you need to understand. No one will take your opinion since you’re white belt. In fact, they’ll take you for easy target. You may not be a good partner to practice with, since you don’t know what they already have practiced.

So, the best way is to learn by letting your partners try all their submission moves. They say, you have to tap to learn and grow. So, prepare yourself for the beating!

  1. Keep Your Ego Down and Accept the Reality

Don’t expect yourself to win right from the start. Even if you try, you cannot win anything. The best way to survive and move ahead is by learning only. Instead of choosing the ones you think are easy targets, let your trainer choose your opponent because he or she knows what’s better for you at initial stage.

  1. Patience is the Key

It all comes to this, you need to be patient with what you do or what you’re going through. Meanwhile, you can win some friends and create a social circle of your own. In this way, your chance of survival and growth will be more than before.