IITs, the Mecca of Engineers

IITs are no doubt the best technical institutes in the country. IITs’ contribution to the engineering field in the country is phenomenal. Some of us may think that IITs are overrated as there are other top class engineering colleges too, but the fact is they are not.The kind of entrance exam that IITs take for offering admission is itself the benchmark of its excellence. Every year around 2 lakh students appear for JEE Advanced, the entrance test for IITs, against only 9800 seats in 17 IITs. JEE Advanced 2016 results have been announced on June 12 and 36,566 candidates qualified the exam this year. So you can surmise how only the brightest minds of the country, get into IITs.

But Now the Question is why IITs are Considered the Mecca for Engineers?

As most people think that IITians get lucrative job offers during placements and getting into IITs ensures a high paying job. Or for some of us it is only following the crowd. Although the placement prospective is important but there is much more than money or jobs or rat race that makes IITs a paramount of engineering colleges in India.

Let us see what make IITs stand of the crowd of engineering colleges-  

Quality Technical Education at Affordable Fee: IITs offer quality technical education at a minimal fee that even a lower middle class Indian can easily afford it. While one thinks of taking admission in some other average engineering college, it would surely cost a fortune to him.

World Class Faculty: Almost all the professors in IITs have worked as highly accomplished scientists or industry experts, and their research work matches their peers at any world class university outside India. While this quality is rarely found in any other college of India.

The Pedagogy: The pedagogy at the IITs is structurally different from most of the other institutions. Here, the senior most professors are assigned to take classes for the first-year students to ensure that the senior most professors of specific subjects are easily accessible to the beginners at IIT. Apart from that, IITians have also the privilege of knowledge exchange programs with world class institutions, such as MIT and Caltech.

Availability of Various Funds for Students: These are one of the few of the perks that you can get only at IITs. This perhaps makes the most important difference. Most local private colleges nowadays are becoming a profit making machine. While at IIT’s funds are available in form of alumni funding, company sponsorships or government funding. Many companies are rivaling each other to fund projects at IITs.

Job Assurance and Career Opportunities: Nowadays even IITs are not able to provide 100 % placement mark, but if anyone studies seriously at IITs, no one can stop him/her from getting a good job. Even a mediocre student can get a reasonably good job after an IIT degree. IITs have an excellent record of placements and most of the world’s largest companies go after an IITian. Besides, most of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley nowadays are from the IITs.

Environment at the Campus: Students at IITs get self motivated to engage in research work/product development/project. Many active students’ bodies help them with further guidance. Such environment at college campus creates an edge over other colleges. Apart from this an IIT student gets more chances of networking with his peers because the availability of enough hostels on IIT campuses and this has a direct impact on the overall thought-process of students.

Now we are going to tell you a bit about getting into IITs. JEE Advanced is the gateway to the Mecca of Engineers, which is taken only after qualifying the JEE Main. After the announcement of JEE Advanced Result, the admission process to these world class institutions begins through a joint counseling process.

JEE Advanced: An Overview

JEE Advanced is the entrance exam for admissions to undergraduate engineering courses in all IITs. It is the second level exam, as, to appear in this exam one has to clear the first stage that is JEE Main. After the announcement of JEE Main results, candidates above the JEE Main cutoff are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced.The exam pattern of JEE Advanced is not fixed and changes every year besides a few things that are fixed. There are 2 papers and candidates have to appear for both. The question papers consist of three sections viz., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. JEE Advanced result is declared in the form of All India Rank (AIR) and score card. The Cutoff of JEE Advanced is published with the declaration of result. After that JEE Advanced counseling and seat allotment process is held by Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) for granting admissions to IITs. Candidates need to register online through official website for attending this joint counseling process. Registration process begins after the results of JEE Advanced are announced.

Thus, JEE Advanced, the only way to get into the IITs is conducted in a very strict manner. So taking admission in these premier institutions may not be a cake walk, but once you get into it, they are worth the fight. Now, if you are still wondering why IITs are so popular in India, you have understood how these ivy league engineering institutes of India has changed the face of engineering education in country ever since its inception. We all know about the famous alumni of IITs and how they have made their recognition at global level. I think this legacy is also one of the biggest reasons for IITs being so popular in India.