Do You Know Which Is The Perfect Ice Cohort For Your Drink?

Crafting drinks have become a new art all across the globe. From mocktails to cocktails, everything is being redesigned and reimagined by creativity. People develop a love of drinks that suit their taste and when it is about the taste, the ice should complement the drink. Yes, you read it right – it should be a perfect match. Apart from the ice, the shape of it also plays an important role in enhancing the overall presentation and the taste of the drink.

Let us unfold the path of the type of ice that works well with various drinks!

The Clear Cube:

The first and foremost thing that you need to see in an ice cube is whether it is cloudy or clear. At homes, usually cloudy is what you will see. However, in restaurants and bars, clear is what you get. One advantage of clear ice is that it has a higher density as compared to the cloudy one which makes it melt a little slower. In fact, now in various bars worldwide, people are investing in ice makers that produce high-quality ice – clear and perfect in size.

A clear ice cube is divided into three types:

  • The king size cube
  • The perfect cube
  • The cylindrical cube

King Size Cubes: these are easily available in bars nowadays. These are great for cold temperatures and less dilution. They are mostly found in two shapes – cubical and spherical.

Perfect Cubes: if stirring is what you like then these cubes are perfect for your drink. They are thinner in nature and melt quickly as compared to king size cubes.

Cylindrical Cubes: these are ideally presented as one cube in a glass which is taller than usual. This is a great combination for drinks that do not require dilution.

Cracked Ice:

Cracked ice is not crushed ice. It is actually the middle form of the basic ice cube and the crushed form of it. Yes, this does not need a crushed ice maker in order to be cracked. In fact, the bartender actually hits the cold center of the cube with the help of the back of the bar spoon to get the cracked ice. This whacking reveals the cold center of the cube which makes the cooling process faster.

Crushed Ice:

This is the most common type of ice to be seen in drinks all over the world. Because of its shape, it chills the drink faster than any other form of ice. However, the bad news is, it melts quickly causing the dilution process to happen faster. In case of crushed ice, shape varies; depending upon the degree. It is available in various sizes. The only challenge with this type of ice to ensure it does not melt quickly. Therefore, it needs an ice bin that can keep it fresh and healthy for a longer period of time.

To conclude:

The drinks do not blend with any kind of ice cube. To deliver the perfect taste, you need to understand the chemistry of each type with the drink.