There is No Reason to be Confused with Bowls and Bongs

If your idea about smoking devices is confined to the corn cob pipes and briar pies then it is time to update your knowledge. There are many different types of smoking devices that have been developed. Change in smoking habits and moving over from tobacco to other herbal extract concentrates have contributed to the development of different smoking devices. Bongs and glass water pipes have become quite popular smoking devices. Although referred to as pipes, these glass devices are quite different in looks from the traditional pipes. It appears like a concise glass filtration apparatus complete with the arrangement of holding water in its belly through which the smoke or vapor passes.

Clearing the air

This can be the starting point of confusion as you might think then why it is called a pipe when it is not a pipe at all? Perhaps, the word pipe has been coined to signify that it can be used for smoking that would be easy to attract smokers. However, the arrangement is such that a small pipe piece is truly a part of the device which also justifies the name.  Here, we will delve a little deep to explore bongs that have become so popular today.

The line of distinction

Bongs are constructed in the lines of hookah as it uses the same principle of filtering the smoke generated by burning or heating dry ingredients of tobacco and herbs before it is inhaled by users. In the simplest form, bongs and water pipes are also called bowls and made from water tight and air tight glass vessels to which a bowl and stem apparatus is attached. Water is kept in the bowl which is known as the base and air is guided through it which is inhaled subsequently. Bowls are referred to systems that are no more than 7 inches in size and bongs refer to larger systems with more features. However, it is the same thing no matter what it is called.

Your choice

When it comes to selection of a suitable smoking device, you are in two minds as the choice is between bowls and bongs. Considering that there is hardly any difference in the smoking experience that you derive from these, the choice will be drive by factors that relate to your lifestyle, comfort and convenience of using it. If you are eager to carry the smoking device along with you wherever you go, the bowls would be good for you. The small size allows easy portability as you can take it along with you anywhere. But if you prefer a stationery arrangement to enjoy smoking and have an inclination for fancy features then bongs and water pies are fine.

Two other factors would influence your choice. Smaller items are easy to store and maintain as it can be tucked away in a drawer. At the end, if you are concerned about cost then surely bongs are more expensive.  What you want and how much you are willing to spend is what ultimately drives the selection process.