No Waves – No Surfing – Know Your Alternatives

Whenever you think about the surfing, invariable the scene of big waves comes to your mind. It is indeed surface water sports involving the water rider riding on the forward or deep face of moving wave. Now what would happen if there are no waves to surf. Is there any alternative? Sometimes it is a blessing, or rather sort of reprieve. Consider other possibilities available to you in case you have no waves to surf.

Here are some surfboard types for a no surf day:

  • Skimboard
  • Paddleboard
  • Wave Pool Surfboard
  • SUP

You have some wonderful alternatives. Can’t you believe right? Probably you are thinking how it can be possible. Well, despite the traditional traits of surfing, you can turn it into something amazing and fascinating by the use of the above boards. For exaple, you can take your SUP to the ocean or to nearest water body for a leisure cruise. You can also indulge in a little bit of physical workout. Most of the surfers prefer adding a SUP to their quiver, while many families look for one or two SUPs to allow everyine in the family to get in the water. So, go down to the local surf shop or water sports rental shop, find the right SUP on rent for the day at a very nominal amount.

Many individuals and families opt for standup paddling. It has turned out to be a great water sport offering both fun and physical workout. You can also join your local groupd of your friend or a SUP club. If you wish, you can further turn this SUP experience into something you call social affair. Adding a SUP to your quiver of surfboards would be a great idea.

For passionate youth, going skimboarding can be great idea. A skimboard is nothing but a small surfboard which is ideal for skiming or sliding in very shallow water. You can also stand on it. It allows you to skim in water as shallow as 1/8th of an inch or less. While skiming, you are required to run as fast as you can on your skimioard. Further you can build up speed and maintain the momentum. Take your skimboard to the nearby the shallow water body and get set for skilmng long distances. Once you enhance your skill level, you can try out other acrobatics including spins, jumps, turns and riding forward and backward. Be very careful while learning otherwise you can lose control and fell hard on the hard sand.

You can skim on rivers, shorelines, lakes and other calm water bodies, provided there are no rocks or debris to obstruct your performance. Some of the kids love riding on grass hills in parks or on golf courses by riding skimboards. It is a wonderful fun event which has eventually turned into a small professional sport, with more endorsements coming from different commercial corners. The common component parts of hard skimboards are fiberglass or wood. You can also find soft skimboards on the market which is typically called “the ONE”, thanks to Tom Morey, the inventor of the Morey Boogie Board.

William Schoellkopf III , a 35 year old athlete from Miami, Florida, is a celebrated surfer. He has written a number of articles on a number of popular sports.