Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Touching Millions of Lives Everyday

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, D.Sc, DD is a man of God with a divine vision and mission for the whole world. Pastor Chris is called by God to take healing to the nations of the world and demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit. By the faith teachings of Pastor Chris, God is not only demystified and simplified but comes alive in a vital life transforming experience in the hearts of the people. Inspired by the Spirit of God, Pastor Chris started the Believers LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy as a campus fellowship. This has since grown to become a worldwide multidimensional ministry with a global nexus of churches. Today, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Founder and President of the Believer’s LoveWorld Nation Worldwide and for over thirty years his ministry has been reaching millions of people all around the world with God’s Power through the various dimensions of Christ Embassy.

Rhapsody of Realities, a devotional and Bible Study guide by Pastor Chris is the most read daily devotional worldwide and second to the Bible in the number of languages it has been translated to. It is currently translated in over 660 languages and distributed in over 242 countries. By it the unsaved are saved, the un-churched are taught, the unsuccessful are empowered and many lives are inspired and brought into their inheritance in Christ. A notable teacher of the Word of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has released a monthly edition of this inspirational book since 2001.

The Healing School is an arm of Christ Embassy by which God’s anointing upon Pastor Chris is transmitted to the sick. Several thousands after being ministered to personally by the man of God receive healing from ailments which medical professionals have given up on. Several students of the Healing School come after they have spent everything they have on medical solutions to no avail. It is amazing how that by the power of God the joy of many families are being restored.

The InnerCity Mission for children on the other hand restores hope to indigenous hopeless and homeless children. Orphans and street children are comforted, fed and accommodated. They are sponsored to receive quality education and given opportunities to live excellent lives. By this ministry all lost hope is restored and the future of these children and that of the society at large is secured.

The International School of Ministry (ISM) is a special ministry to non-Christ Embassy Pastors and ministers through which the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit is fast spreading across nations. Recognising the calling on the man of God Pastor Chris as an Apostle to the nations, these ministers throng in from various continents to learn at his feet. God is using this ministry to increase and equip His work force on earth. Attending ministers have come to grasp the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the reality to the workings of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The testimonies of the thousands of ministers who attend ISM is the same: they are enlightened, inspired and ignited with the presence and power of God, this blessing becomes evident in their ministries afterwards.

Christ Embassy in a bid to reach people everywhere also has satellite TV Channels such as LoveWorld Sat (South Africa), LoveWorld UK (UK) and LoveWorld Plus (Nigeria). Through these 24 hour Christian stations, millions of people get the opportunity to come in contact with the message of Christ Embassy and experience the reality of the Holy Spirit in this present day.

In addition, God makes His Power available to men through Pastor Chris’ special programmes like ‘ Higher Life Conference’ and the ‘ Night of Bliss’ organised by Christ Embassy in various locatrions around the world.

The power of God upon Pastor Chris as evident in the various outreach arms of the Christ Embassy Ministry is giving million lives a meaning. The Christ Embassy nation together with millions of believers, all around the world will continue to support Pastor Chris in taking the divine presence of God to all nations.