Tips for Real Estate Websites to Sustain in the Future

sustain in the futureWhat Are The Most Important Elements For Real Estate Websites To Sustain in Future?

Where are you trying to reach with your website?

At the pre –production stage of a real estate website, developers or channel partners (brokers) want to present valuable information to their customers and prospective buyers. They want to presentuser friendly search functionality, attractive & relevant photos, and easy access to their property listings. These are all common features of any websites and easy to apply indifferent formats.reach your website

But question is that “what else should a realty website have to facilitate easy commune with clients?”

Through an extensive research, we have found that there few specific protocols that every real estate service provider should have on their website. Definitely, these design tips encourage visitor traffic with boosters like social media, organic search result, and digital marketing. This is a sure shot to get a platform that is optimized for the current visually oriented and highly educated real estate investors.

So, What Should Every Property Website Contain?

Optimized For Photography

Every real estate websites should be leaning around projects’ photography. Always take care that your website supports the use of high quality pictures in slide shows and listings to make possible an enhanced property searching. These days’ buyers or investors search property broadly online and then they start calling to the builders or channel partner, so it is very necessary to attract them with great and high quality pictures.optimized photography

The Google Golden Triangle

If you want to maintain & sustain your current website in real estate, it is very necessary to follow the Google Golden Triangle Concept. A deep research on human behavior about eye-tracking has revealed numerous interesting facts in terms of how people view websites.

According to this concept, if we talk about the site layout firstly eyeballs of the users landed on the upper left-hand corner of the page. After this, eyeballs rolls over halfway on the page then move down.  This will create a triangle shape, in simple words if you were to sketch a triangle anchored in the upper left-hand corner of any page, that’s where nearly every Web visitors will concentrate.

This concept also revealed that visitors browse and scan web pages in F shape. In simple word, the landing area is always top position on the page, then they scroll the little bit down and scan the middle part of the page, after this, they scroll down to the bottom of the page.

So take an inspected look at your web page, do you put any picture or graphics in the upper left corner of the site? You can also use this highly important area to give visitors the information they are looking for. According to the real estate experts, there are only three main reasons for visiting a real estate web portal. 1 What for sale? 2 What is the price? and 3 Community information. So make sure that in your website visitors can get all these things golden triangle

Quick loading is essential

There are lots of tools available on the net to check your site load time. These tools tell you how long it takes your site to load in different countries in the world. Actually, visitors don’t have time and patience and they will leave your site if it takes very long time to load. The normal time for any website should be not more than 1 second.quick loading

Visitor Registration

Once a visitor lands to your homepage, you should encourage them to come back to your website and use it as their online realty search engine. Every real estate web portals should present the ability for visitors to register for recent updates, newsletters, on the properties they want or alerts for new inventory in certain regions.

Social Tab Integrationsocial tab integrationSocial Media is established as a superb platform for engagement between current & future clients, channel partners, and developers. Promotion of current developments, website and listing via social media (Facebook) will expand your reachability to your target audience.

Filter Searches

A website that provides filter search option for the different region, builders and price make it easier for their clients to find what they are looking for. For example a real estate portal in India provides filter search result for their clients. We recommend for every website to include filter search option for easy and broad searches.

Listings Slideshow

This feature allows real estate websites to show up their hot projects, projects of the months and hot deals etc. this type of listing will provide your visitors with an easy view of what you have on offer and added markets your salable properties.

Search Engine Friendly

These days every website come with the SEO framework enabled but not fulfilled. Actually, the fact is that many channel partners are busy focusing on listing & clients and they don’t have time to learn about optimization of the search engine result.  So always check the ranking from different keywords related to the project & location and if there is any problem try to fix it with Search Engine engine friendly

Blog Section in Website

Blog writing on your website is an extraordinary way to increase the value of your site and improve the Google Search Result and make sure about your top ranking in Google. Other benefits of on page blogging are 1. drive traffic to your website, 2 helps convert traffic into leads, 3 establish authority and  4 drive long term result.

In few words, having a visually attractive website is one of the most important factors for any real estate websites. The design of the websites can be more exciting with the excellent color combination, pictures, content and font etc. that reflect your style and what you think will attract to your visitors.


It is a better way of promotion and advertising of any specific product consists of an individual written or verbal statement of their personal experience about the project. For example – if you are an investor or end user of “Tata Housing La Vida” you can write about your personal experience about this community, in few words, and this is called Testimonial addressed by you.

In that way, your product gets free advertisement and motivation for the perspective buyers. So look at your testimonial section in your site, and update it time after time. As you know Google loves new content with these testimonials you will get both content and special attention from Google.