Preparing For Black Friday

During the week of Thanksgiving, most Americans have a packed schedule before thinking about Black Friday. From visiting family to meal preparation, the holiday comes with a lot of planning.

Although shopping the day after Thanksgiving isn’t appealing to some, consider this — the Black Friday tradition can be carried out in a selfless manner. Only shop for friends and family during the sale this year. You could save hundreds on Christmas presents and will continue the spirit of giving all week.

Family Shopping

Make a List

Seeing so much on sale at once can be a distraction so forgetting to shop for someone happens easily. Make a list of your loved ones and any presents you may have in mind early in the week. That way you have a few days to add or replace items, and aren’t rushed to make last minute decisions.

Check It Twice

The first draft of your Christmas shopping list may lead you into bankruptcy. Review the list to make sure you can afford everything on it. If you’re feeling financially discouraged, then it’s time to shop budget savvy.

Look at Deals Last Year

Some stores, especially the bigger chains, tend to put on similar Black Friday sales every year. You can usually tell where the best deals will be based on how heavily discounted items were in that store last year. Read and compare last year’s ads to predict where you will find the best savings.

Shop at the Best Stores

With that said, decide which stores you want to visit ahead of time. Shopping on any other day this step is too neurotic, but the crowds on Black Friday really slow you down. Plus, a single-day sale means if you run out of time, better luck next year.

Check Out Cyber Monday

Fortunately, that’s not the case as much anymore. Retail stores with established e-commerce websites usually market a Cyber Monday sale too. Some sites like Spiritual Gangster don’t have stores so they advertise Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals online, both within your reach without fighting any crowds.

Buy in Bulk

Tons of stores sell gift sets on Black Friday. Find a bigger one with lots of different items, open it up and split it into several presents. I do this with makeup sets from Bare Minerals every year. My friends get high-quality makeup and have no idea how cheap I got it for.

Making arrangements for Black Friday will never prepare you for the chaos it causes. Remember to stick to your schedule, list and gut — after all, nobody knows what your friends and family want most more than you.