Quirky ways of naming male dog

Pets are a family member who needs a good name, and taking a decision on pet name is a tough process. All in the family and friends should be able to bond and connect with pet with its name well.

In naming a dog, first aspect could be the visual appeal. How does it appeal to us, the breed, color, features etc? This may also include the personality or character trait of the dog. Does the character remind of any person, the attribute of the person etc? The second aspect to be kept in mind is to keep in easy or simple and unique.

There are no tips or methodology to name your male dog but there are some quirky ways to name them. You may find this process interesting and may get the coolest names for boy dogs ever.

Find personality type

Every living being has certain traits and characteristics so as dogs. Find out the personality type of dog and it will help you come with cool name associated with that character. You may find it odd that according to survey, the dogs with name Rocky has been reported to have bitten many followed by the name of dog such as Max and Jacky. Be it aggression, love, anger, jealousy any character, you can find the name based on that.


Select the bride

Don’t you want your male dog to be happy and gay? Select a bride even before you get your hands on your male dog. Consider the name similar to the name of the bride you selected for your little kiddie male dog. Now, won’t you say that’s the easiest and coolest way to name your male dog?

Meet other dogs

Start having meeting with other dogs around you. Visit veterinary hospital, dog shows, parks etc where you can find number of dogs coming in. These places will help you meet those dogs and their owners. You can find many names of dogs this way and select the best one you liked. Considering the one you like is not copyrighted. You have found a new name in the quirkiest way.

Pay attention

When you are in search of boy dog names pay attention to details. Every landmark, name of the shops, name of the road, name of houses or bus etc can be the name of your dog. You may find it crazy but the results will be amazing. Many names on the streets have more creativity than any other places you could have even imagined.

Ask your dog

The best method was kept for the last. Aren’t you naming your dog and whose approval matters the most. No doubt, it is the dog. Go with your list of names and call one by one to your dog. The name in which he wags his tail or lick your feet or run coming towards you or any other form of approval; you have hit the jackpot.

Eureka, you have just found ways to be the most happening person to have a dog with coolest name.

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