Refusal to provide breath sample consequences

Driving under influence is an offence in Ottawa. There are several cases that are filed every day for drunken driving. It is wise to hire an impaired driving lawyer Ottawa. The main reason is this particular field of law requires technical knowledge and expertise. When a person is convicted under dui it is recommended to hire Ottawa dui lawyers those who excel in this field.

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If you are being stopped by a policeman on road side due to suspicion about drunken driving then you have to provide breathing sample or any other information that is being requested. This test s carried out to test whether the person who is driving the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol.

When a person refuses to provide breath sample then the consequences will be worst. The same is applied if the blood alcohol level is more than 80%.

  • An immediate road side prohibition will be issued which will ban you from driving vehicle for next 90 days.
  • The driving vehicle will be seized and will be impounded for a period of 90 days.
  • The person who is charged has to pay the charges for towing the vehicle and pay the storage fee as well.
  • Apart from that a spot fine of 500$ has to be paid as well.
  • The person will be referred to responsible driver program or ignition interlock program. Both these programs teach about the basic driving skills.
  • The driving license will be seized as well.
  • The person must apply for a new driving license after 90 days by paying the reissue fees.

If a criminal charge is filed then the following are to be proceeded:

  • Banned from driving for 24 hours.
  • Vehicle might be impounded and charges for the same have to be paid.
  • If you fail to provide sample at the station then a 90 days prohibition will be imposed.
  • Will be charged under criminal conduct code.

If a person is charged of criminal conviction then there will be a minimum fine of 1000$ along with imprisonment. The period of imprisonment may vary from one case to another. In some places the sentence in prison is a must.

There is difference between alcohol driving and drug based driving. As drug based driving can be even due to the intake of prescribed medicines. If the case is of drug intake then a field driving test will be conducted. If the person is able to clear the test then there will be a minimal warning. If he or she fails the test then the same procedure as stated above for alcoholic consumption will be followed. The time of license and driving suspension may vary all other rules are similar.

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