Removal of Cars is a Greener Process Than You Think

Companies like West Coast Car Removals are part of a green car recycling in Perth that helps make the Earth a better place to breathe in and it all starts with you! When you decide to hand your scrap car over to us, you are also deciding to stop letting your old car send toxic fumes into the environment.

Also, when we extract all the steel and other metals from your car, we sell them to the steel industries. This means lesser energy will now be used since now the industries won’t have to make the steel from scratch but just use what we have provided them with. Of course, that steel will require a little refining but other than that, that steel is ready to be shaped. This will also mean that there would be lesser toxic fumes from the steel industries. Lesser pollution and saving of energy and this is just one perspective!

Your car’s sound system and other machinery is also checked, treated and then sold ahead to another interested industry. These industries can add or alter the circuitry of the system to make it better and as good as new instead of wasting their time and effort in building a whole new system from scratch. This means one new sound system is in the market in lesser time with a good price!

The coolants, mercury and other chemicals inside the car are useless to us but very useful raw materials for chemical industries. They can use it for their chemical processes or just refine the coolants and other chemicals to be sold again. This again means not having to go through the whole process of making the coolant and enjoying the selling price.

Tires and rubber from the car also used in the same way as above. The list of all that we extract, major and minor, goes on and takes its huge part in saving useful time and effort.

New cars are built with the spare parts provided by us in lesser time because of your decision of letting go of your scrap car.

This is exactly why your old is our gold and we are ready to pay you a handsome and proper amount for it!

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