Six Warning Signals of a Possible Thyroid Disorder

The thyroid is one of the important parts of a human body and it is mostly known for producing the TH or thyroid hormone. The main role of this hormone is to maintain body metabolism, temperature, and heartbeat. As it regulates major functions in the body, an over or underactive thyroid can lead to many body disorders. Speaking of the main causes behind the over or under secretion of the thyroid hormone, it can happen due to extreme stress, autoimmune attack, genetics or nutritional deficiencies.

Although experts are not completely sure of the exact causes of the changes in the thyroid function, they have laid out some possible warning signs that are related to thyroid hormone issues. Here are some of them:

Getting Easily Tired

Feeling exhausted and running low on energy while performing simple tasks can be related to many health conditions, but according to numerous medical studies, it is strongly connected to low secretion of the thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism. The common examples of hypothyroidism are waking up tired in the morning even after a sound sleep.


Going through mood changes, depression or extreme sadness can often be linked to the signs of hypothyroidism. The low level of TH hormone in the body has adverse effects on serotonin. With low secretion of the thyroid hormone, you are more likely to feel low at times.

Change in Appetite

Apart from hypothyroidism, the increased levels of the thyroid hormone have its own share of ill effects on the human body. Hyperthyroidism leads to an increased feeling of hunger most of the times even after having proper meals. Although you will not put on much weight with enhanced levels of thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism, on the other hand, can change your taste buds and sense of smell. You can learn about the various diagnosis and other health-related issues by availing Mybiosource resources while browsing solutions for thyroid problems.

Altered Skin Features

Skin irritation and dryness can be associated with signs of hypothyroidism. The overall appearance and texture of skin gets changed, owing to the decelerating metabolism due to low production of thyroid in the body. The reduction in sweating results in low moisture that leads to the skin getting dry and itchy. Similarly, nails can turn fragile, as well as, likely develop ridges.

Irregular Bowel Movement

It has been found that patients with a condition of hypothyroidism often complain of having irregular bowel movement or constipation. The low production of the TH hormone is associated with the change in the body’s digestive procedure. Contrary to the consequences of hypothyroidism, an excessively active thyroid gland can lead to health problems such as diarrhea.

Twinges and Tingles in Muscles

When you have pain and soreness in muscles and joint areas and the reason is unexplained, it is mainly due to hypothyroidism. The underactive thyroid gland obstructs the signaling of the brain and spinal cord to the body and is most likely to create numbness in your legs, arms, and feet.


The little gland above your Adam’s apple can cause numerous health problems when not working properly. Consult your doctor if you witness any of these signs in your body and ensure a healthy living.

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