Some of the Best Birthday Celebration Ideas Which Can Never be Forgotten

As a kid I have always loved celebrating birthdays and I consider them as days which should never be forgotten and If there is anybody who forgets my birthday is definitely in for a trouble, it can be anyone my Mom, Dad, my best friend or my sister There can be absolutely no excuse which can work on this day. So they put in some extra effort to make sure that they do something extra special to make sure that it is a day which is indeed quite memorable for me for the rest of my life, be it ordering the finest cake for birthday or delighting me with my favourite present. I have compiled some of the best birthday celebration which I hold closer to my heart.

This incident happened on my 20th birthday when I was in college ad was feeling terribly homesick. She came all the way for me so that I have her by my side on my birthday. Not to forget that she is an immensely introvert person who finds it hard to travel alone. I appreciated the gesture and even treated her with some good food in our favourite restaurant.

For my 5th birthday, I remember sitting down with my best buddies at the backyard and having a fun time smearing each other’s face with birthday cakes. The cake was ordered from one of my favourite bakers and I regretted the fact that much of the cake was wasted and I didn’t get much to eat.

On my 28th Birthday which happened to be just last year. I realized that things are changing and so is the essence of celebration. It was on my 28th birthday that I happened to realize that a special like birthday can pass you by like any other day. People who were close to you once have now been just reduced to mere Facebook posts on the wall, a personal message from maybe 4 of them and a phone call from just one or two.

Birthday celebrations are a vestige of childhood when we used to treat ourselves with our favourite delicacies, sweets and chocolates. The carefree attitude that we used to have all been lost. But one thing for sure, birthday celebrations are in my hands and if I want a birthday that I have always liked then I have to make it happen. Order a bday cake for yourself and call all your best buddies home so that you can spend some time with them.