Taking Your Pets on Holiday- Pet Travel Scheme

All pet owners wish for pet friendly holidays. Unless your pet loves travelling, it is unlikely for them to enjoy long journeys, the perfect pet friendly holiday is probably one when you stay at home. However, that is not always possible and some pet owners like taking them along rather than opting for cattery or the kennels. Most of the pet lovers loving taking their pets along to any place they travel to. For them, the pets are just like any other members of the family and they cannot think of even leaving them alone behind. Hence, if you have taken the decision of traveling to any of the European countries, then your pet will also need a passport as well. Like any other passport application, the most vital aspect to meet is the deadline. It might fall heavy upon you as your pet will not only be given a red signal to enter the country if you fail to meet the deadline set by the EU PET Passport application process. You might also be asked to isolate your pet and move along.

You might want to have someone stand by your side while you apply for the pet passport as the rules of this PET passport application is very stringent. CKGS which was founded in 2008 is a specialist outsource agency of a business process that mainly concentrates on serving Consular sections of Diplomatic Missions. They have been rendering services with the support of the administration and managing non-judgmental tasks associated with the entire life cycle of a Passport, Visa and Consular application process. Being it their prime business, they have made themselves well placed to address the various needs of the Diplomatic Missions Worldwide and have kept integrity, security, efficacy and speed as their main focus.

There is no point in delaying and you must begin with the application process as soon as possible for the EU PET passport, as your first priority is to take your dear pet along with you. Hence a month or two, prior to the journey is just fine enough for you to apply for the passport of your pet. If you want to travel conveniently with your pet, you have to meet all the deadlines and hence you need to know the entire procedure first.

There are a lot of rules regarding applying for the passports of EU PET in the European countries and only registered pets are allowed to give one. You might get confused with the whole process and so CKGS provides agents who know the methods completely and help you in getting the required passport for your pet. They promise to keep all the documents provided by you secured and safe and even gives you the option of getting it couriered or collecting it from any of their counters. All you have to do is, choose the most suitable option and enjoy your trip ahead.