The Best Diet for Healthy Hair

If you are striving to achieve luscious, healthy hair, it goes without saying that you need to stick to a well-balanced diet. But what does this well-balanced diet consist of? Often, people make the mistake of completely avoiding essential nutrients, while steering clear of all the junk food. Here is what you absolutely need to eat, in order to flaunt that envy-worthy, healthy mane.


Protein is one of the most important nutrients, without which your diet is incomplete. High proteinaceous foods are nuts, dairy products, pulses, beans, tofu, and soy. Your hair contains Keratin, which keeps the structure of the hair strong and prevents damage. Protein is necessary to build, repair and strengthen the Keratin, and thus cannot be compromised upon. Hair fall and split ends can also be minimized by consuming food that has a high protein content.


An important mineral that needs to be present in your diet is Zinc. Zinc improves immunity, which helps in stimulating hair growth and makes the hair less damage-prone. If you want long hair, then you cannot skip food that contains Zinc! Deficiency of Zinc can cause considerable hair fall and low hair growth.


Oxygen is circulated to the hair and hair follicles with the help of Iron. Without Iron, your hair might be healthy at the roots but can become damaged and rough along the strands. Iron-rich food includes green vegetables, grains, and fruits such as Bananas.


Vitamins help in circulation, along with ensuring that your hair grows well and maintains its color. Vitamins also produce the sebum, which moisturizes the scalp, resulting in smooth, shiny hair.


No list is complete without water! Water is crucial to keep your hair pollution-free and healthy. By removing toxins and pollutants, water ensures that the hair is moisturized and supple. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day provides the water to the body, without which your hair will lack luster and become damaged.

What Not to Eat

Food that contains high levels of sugar and oil should be avoided, to attain perfect hair. It is also recommended to cut down your coffee breaks, as caffeine affects the hair negatively. Alcohol, nicotine and other substances are also detrimental to your hair-growth.

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