The Evolution of Dating: From Chaperons to Tinder!

Love is what makes the world go around. If it didn’t, we would all just stop being here and that would be pretty boring for all concerned. Love then is as old as time itself, but the way we have gone about reaching this state of bliss has changed massively over the centuries.

The date is all about getting to know the person you are, or are not, potentially interested in getting involved with. In the olden days the whole social mixing thing was pretty rigid and a man and woman would need to be very formal about the whole process they went thorough in order to get to the point where an actual relationship was going to be started. A chaperon would often come along on the dates between potential suitors and the man and woman would actually have very little time for themselves to get to know each other.

Later on very dramatic love letters might be exchanged between potential partners as they embarked on they hope would be their life’s journey together. But then all of this could only be consummated once formal permission had been asked for and agreed upon from the respective families involved.

The Age of Technology and Online Dating

Of course this hasn’t always been true for all levels of society and certainly the cultural differences are high when it comes to dating, but in our old-school Westernized world of romance, this is pretty much the way things panned out.

In recent years technology has done more than anything else to revolutionize the way that dating and relationships have changed. First came the telephone, which took over from letter writing. And then came the massive revolution that is now the all-encompassing World Wide Web and the new opportunities that this brought in its capacity for bringing people together from all over the world.

AOL Chat was an amazing revelation in the early days of the internet that suddenly connected a young man sitting at his computer in Manchester with a girl all the way over in the Southern Hemisphere of New Zealand. This form of direct but also somehow impersonal means of connection made making relationships easier than ever, but developing them further was obviously still pretty complicated.

Our final Thoughts: Is Love An Online Game?

Now AOL Chat seems like a dinosaur as the social media advancements made in the last fifteen years or so have been so immense. Facebook, Skype, OK Cupid, WhatsApp, and the explosion in the popularity of sites like Tinder has made dating more popular than ever, but perhaps the romance has been lost somewhere along the way. Now we are all so connected and never not within instant access of the next potential new friend that love seems to come a little too easy than it used to in the past.

This isn’t to say that romance is dead and when you have a sudden pang to reach out to that special person in your life wherever you are, our high levels of connectivity can strengthen relationships out of the blue at points in the past where perhaps they could instead have been broken.

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