The Music is the Best Medicine

Just like food is for the stomach, music is the food for soul. Any type of emotion is perfectly reflected through music. Whether it is joy, sorrow, yearning, rejoicing, anger, jealousy, love, peace, faithfulness, or any other emotion that is possible to be present has a song for it. It is a thing that no man is at distance from.

Right from the birth of a child to his death there are songs that accompany him throughout his life. No child has ever gone to sleep without the soothing voice of their mother’s lullaby. Music is an intricate part of our daily lives. Even when we want to invoke the eternal and supreme omnipresent and omnipotent God, it is music that we use. In fact, Christians believe ‘Singing is twice worshiping God’.

Music is like Midas’ touch, it has the energy to heal, to soothe, to calm down, to console, to create an atmosphere of serenity. It is thus, that even science is taking the help of this elemental resource to help in the curing processes of certain illnesses. Researches have revealed that the intensity of music’s effect is so much that, even plants and animals are affected by it.

Those associated with music, like Vince Pettinelli , no wonder fall in absolute love with it and dedicate their entire life towards it. He is a music teacher and owns a orchestra named behind him. This particular orchestra has been entertaining audiences for over more than 40 years and is still going strong, because of the extraordinary vocalists it has.

The medicinal quality of music is due to the fact that melody has positive effects on the brain. The cases of patients going into depression are replete in these modern times. Giving them medicines is necessary but what catalyzes the effect of medicines is Music. Medical students have vouched for this claim and have shown that the results of recovery are much faster if it is combined with the healing through music.

It will be surprising to know that even cancer patients have been healed considerably with music treatment, because they use it to keep their minds calm and free of the tension of the fast approaching death. The brain is sort of lulled into more meaningful existence rather than cribbing for one or two days more.

Doctors are also taking the help of music therapy to keep the nerves of patients who have undergone major surgery down, by making them wake up with soothing melodies. The healing quality of music is miraculous. The inner cores of any human being, no matter how hard hearted they might portray themselves to be, are bound to be moved, by the penetrative characteristic of music.

Vince Pettinelli who has been imparting education on music to others is doing a commendable job, because music is by far the best sort of healer for any person. Whether or not you are the patient of any disease, the kind of relaxation music can render is not to be found anywhere else.