Tips on Choosing the Perfect Event Management Software

Being an event manager or planner is not an easy task. It requires you to have multi-faceted qualities and be able to handle pressure well. Organizing an event requires a lot of planning, but you can make your life easy by opting for event management software. As so many software are available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Here we offer some tips to help you choose nothing but the best software that aptly fits your need.

Deciding What You Need in the Software

It is important that you know what all tasks the software can do for you. List down the features you want in a software. You can make this list comprehensive as it will help you check out the different software available on the market and see whether they fulfill your needs.

Have a Budget in Mind

This perhaps is the key to buying the right event management software. You would need to take into consideration the cost of the software, the hardware required to run the software and whether you need support for it. A good and reliable software vendor usually will throw in support for free or for a nominal charge.

Check Out Providers

With so many software vendors on the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one. So conduct some background checks on different software providers. The provider you choose should be experienced, have thorough knowledge of the software and provide you the support as and when necessary. The support should be responsive and quick.

Features in the Software

When checking out event management software, you should carefully assess the features. Try to compare one software with other. This will give you a better idea whether the features are just what you need.

Basically, the software should have the following features:

  • Intuitive Registration: The software should have an online registration feature that allows you to handle all registrations effortlessly. Such a feature makes it easy for you to determine the number of participants for a given event, making organizing extremely easy.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: While you may organize free events, there will also be occasions when you organize events that require payment. So ensure the software comes with a secure online payment facility to make it easier for participants to pay quickly rather than walking to the bank to make the payment. This will increase paid registrations and make it simpler for interested people to register.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Good event management software should have tools to help you market and promote your events. These tools should allow you to run SMS and email marketing campaigns along with other methods of marketing, so that you can promote the event in front of a large and relevant audience.
  • Report Generation and Analysis: When organizing an event, you should be able to generate reports, such as invoices, list of attendees, contact details of attendees and multi-office reporting. However, the software should also allow you to analyze things, such as trends, performance, results of email marketing campaigns and budget. A good event management software should also incorporate Google analytics to allow you to see the bigger picture and tweak your marketing campaign accordingly.
  • Resource Management: Being an event manager also means handling resources, such as venue, sponsors, sessions, speakers, projectors, venue decoration etc. The software should allow you to handle this effortlessly, so that management becomes easy and stress-free.

Once you find the perfect software, grab it with both hands. You will be amazed at what difference a reliable and good event management software solution will make to your life. Try to get a cloud-based solution that is compatible with smartphones, so that you can use it even while on the go.

Have you been using event management software to simplify your job? How has it worked out for you? Do you think that a software can significantly improve the efficient of your work processes, or do you think it just slightly useful? Please share your experiences and insights with us in the comments!