Tips to Increase Referral Traffic For Your Website

Do you know about referral traffic? No? Here I give you some ideas about referral traffic. In an easy way, Visitor comes to your website from some other website such as forum posting, social bookmarking, social networking sites, and guest post directory submission and so on…

One of My Favorite Way – Guest Posting:

Guest posting is still the better way to get high-quality backlinks, up the brand consciousness and increase traffic on your website. It will pass the value of your domain authority and helps to increase major search engines. Guest post builds your brand recognition and it will generate direct referral traffic, sending people to your website from another website which you have originally posted.

There are Some Tips for a Successful Guest Post:

Look for higher profile post sources – For example, think about the choose high domain authority site. Benefits of a post you content on your high domain authority site are this type of website having more visitors. Then only 5% of the visitor clicking a link and leads back to an online store. And another side gets less traffic then very few clicking you’re a link and reach to your website. That’s why I suggest you find higher profile sources is an instant and obvious win and obvious win.

Another thing is to choose the most relevant sources because if you get more clicking from the raw volume of a reader are not interested in what you’re selling. Your guest post strategy may be naturally inclined to select sources that fall in line with your industry. But it becomes easy after that a new potential opportunity.

Posting your content on high DA site it will help you in both the above things. A bigger website having more traffic and different types category. Then you can select more relevance category and publish in that.

Put your reference link into your content. Do not put into BIO because rarely click from the author BIO. No one is interested in your author bio ethanol the content.

If you have a major priority to the increase referral traffic the go through the “No-follow” links. But it will increase your chances of getting penalized by the Google.

Promote your page using social bookmarking sites. Link with onsite blog and other guest posting website opportunities. And generates as much attention as possible for your work and get the greatest number of eyes on your words.


If you want to your website will rank. Then you have to need some of the quality link from the other domains and traffic from the other site is very useful for their websites.

Another way is if you build a link on a low-quality website but this having a good traffic then your website get a more traffic as well as get a better rank from the search engine.

Now a day Twitter is a fantastic trend to get familiarized with someone in your field. But don’t just re-tweet-engage. This is the nice part if your tweeter headshot every time you make contact. Once you have a reason to actually email this website owner. Including that some profile picture in a email and they’ll make the connection:

“Oh yes, that is the guy “with the black shirt”… He always has something interesting to say on Twitter.”

Blog Commenting:

Make sure your content will be clean and clear and give the positive review on the blog.

Focus on that blog which allows the link in the comments- points to be noted. If you trying to get more traffic. In order to do that you need to add the link to your website.

Another way is comment on questions of Quora as well as stack overflow. If you clear about the answer to the questions is surely into your blog then you can comment on to Quora and stack overflow question is highly effective as well as you get traffic.

Directory Submission:

First of all find the directory with greater traffic then focus on the submission of your content. The directories that appear at the top of the search engine should, in theory, generate the more traffic.

Social Media:

Share posts frequently on to the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. And join as well as social marketing community site. YouTube is a second largest search engine and it will help you to video marketing in a huge market so simply you can’t ignore it. Social media marketing is definitely time-consuming but you must work with this.

Select only the social media that are working for you. If you get less result from selected social platform like Facebook. Then skip that and go to the Instagram.

Individuals engagement with Twitter to be in an income bracket that we would expect for someone the purchasing web development, design, and marketing service.

Similar to our LinkedIn visitor are senior or managed the positions that is decision makers who may be interested in our services. Share engaging content, image, videos, and questions etc.

Please read the Google guidelines before using these above mentioned techniques.