Trends in Photography

Photography is an ever-growing field that is increasing in popularity year on year. It seems as though everyone wants to be a photographer or is a photographer as a result of easily available and user-friendly technology.

A recent trend in photography is portrait photography. The industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but lately women are making a more visual impact and dominating in professional portrait photography. The most important change in the photography industry has been the introduction of digital cameras and the increase of popularity of the technology.

Long gone are the days of film, as now digital has become an industry norm and has revolutionized the industry, especially in family and children’s portraiture. Since the digital camera was introduced, along came the style of story-telling documentary style of shooting. Wedding albums no longer have the traditional photographs of the couple with families, now it’s all about documenting the entire wedding day, telling the story of the occasion.

Digital photography equipment is increasing in quality and becoming more affordable, making photography more accessible than ever to the general public which in turn, increases the competition within the industry. Affordable equipment, digital software that is easy to use, online galleries for clients to see proofs instead of printing them out in a proof book, are all factors that make it more affordable for someone to become a photographer. Although the digital trend allows for more competition in the industry, there is still a high demand for professional photography.

The introduction of flush mount albums in the photography industry is the newest trend that was introduced to photographers within the last five years. These albums allow for more creativity with custom designed layouts using software, such as Adobe, In Design and Photoshop, to incorporate photographs and custom backdrops to create unique layouts.