Turnkey Auto Group- Value Added Services To Car Owners and Employees

When it comes to car warranties, Turnkey Auto Group is a tough name to reckon with. This brand is one of the leading names in USA to provide car owners with top quality automotive warranties. The name is proud to provide car owners a large range of diverse options for automobile warranty. The Company is able to personalize these options into a plan to meet and match the needs of its customers in terms of protection, investment, deductibles, payment plans and one-time deposits.

Besides the above benefits, Turnkey Auto Group also gives its clients the scope to choose from extensive automobile coverage solutions that have payment options that are flexible. This is one of the smartest ways via which they are able to protect the investments in their car. When vehicle owners opt for the above coverage plans from Turnkey Auto Group , they receive-

  • Payment options those are convenient and flexible. The payment options range from 12, 15, 18 and 24 months.

  • The down payments that customers get are as low as 10%

  • The approval is granted sans credit checks and chargeable interest rates

  • Unlike most comprehensive warranty plans, here there is no vehicle inspection. This inspection removes any kind of pre-existing conditions that later saves time and money.

  • The coverage can be taken in as little as 30 days.

  • There are payment options in the form of credit cards and ACH from the checking account of the consumer.

Customers that are looking for credible automobile coverage will be able to receive the best quality services at reduced prices from Turnkey Auto Group. The coverage options that they get are very extensive and they can be applied to cars that are up to 20 years old with terms till 1000,000 miles for sixty months. The services are given by providers who are “A” rated. Even drivers that have cars who have 200,000 existing miles are able to apply for a plan. The clients have 2 years to pay but with reduced monthly interests.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that Turnkey Auto Group not only looks after the interests of its customers but also its employees. The Company has good management policies and this helps them to progress and develop further.

The employees of Turnkey Auto Group love working for the brand. The management looks after the benefits of the employees. The hours of working are good and the salary with incentives attractive. The management of the company believes that its employees should be happy. This is why they strive to create and maintain a work environment that is conducive for its employees to grow and prosper. There are a very few companies who think so deeply about the welfare of its employees. Turnkey Auto Group is one such name that ensures not only its customers is happy but its employees too!

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