Types of Disk Data Damage and How to Fix Them

Data Loss can really be a pain in the head, especially if you end up losing important data that you forgot to backup. Often times, people wonder what might have caused this problem and this article is written for that very purpose, it may even help you in saving your data that you might end up losing in the near future. But before we get there, there is a data recovery software that can really help you with this. These days software have become exponentially more reliable in terms of purpose, you should take a peek if you are already suffering from this problem.

So, without further delay here are 7 Reasons for Data loss:

  1. Physical Damage: It can include a variety of things that can ruin your disk, from natural deterioration to human errors. Apart from hard disks, CD’s often get scratched which can be included in the physical damage category. Some is data is always lost while data recovery in this case but it can be recovered by using household items to remove scratches. Also, sometimes motors in your hard disk can simply fail. Also one of the causes of a hard disk failure might be the hard drive card being malfunctioned. Damage caused by Electromagnetic fields is also a significant part of this category.

Solution: To recover from such a disaster, Companies often employ services of professionals to recover your data for you this is always preferred because of the fact that companies have the right tools and environment to fix your hard disk. If your hard disk doesn’t have a warranty then you can get it check out by professional outside the company, However I suggest that you use this method only when you are out of options because the outcome can be a bit risky for your data. As far as recovering from Magnetic field damage is concerned, it generally depends on how high the intensity of the field was when your data was damaged. If your data is damaged through that then I suggest you contact the company for assistance, but fret not! The data can be recovered provided that you didn’t put your laptop directly under an electromagnet.

  1. Logical Damage: This is the kind of damage that is classified as software related damage. In general, Logic damage refers to damage in your data caused by temporarily failed recovery, a portion of your data will be unreadable. But logical damage can render a few JPEG images to be completely unrecognizable, it can also corrupt your partitions if the software is poorly made so be on your toes.

Solution: Using the right and reliable recovery software is the key to getting back all your data. Sometimes, simple recovery methods can yield great results and can recover a significant portion of your lost data on the other hand, complex methods might not recover a lot. But, the quality of the recovery for some recovery software depends on whether you have a restore point made before the data got damaged.